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Favre Vexes Me


Brett Favre vexes me. The same qualities that made him a great quarterback --toughness, swagger, passion -- so often mutated into season-killing decisions. (What was he thinking in that playoff overtime against Philly in '04?) Since the missus is from Wisconsin, I've watched almost every Packers game in the last decade. Many required Tums.

Is Favre the best quarterback ever? Oh, God, no. He may not be the best quarterback in Packers history; the website Cold Hard Football Facts has hipped me to the greatness of Bart Starr, who posted a 104.8 postseason rating and is eighth all-time in yards per pass attempt (7.84). He didn't have the arm Favre had, but I don't recall him throwing into double-coverage with the game on the line. The Pack went through many running backs and wide receivers came and went, but the guy behind center never changed for each of Green Bay's five titles in the '60s.

But you can't diss Favre's career, either. You don't win three league MVPs and set every significant passing record the game has and not get your props. And the consecutive games streak is the most impressive stat of all; no matter what the seamheads think, Favre's 291 straight games started is more impressive than Cal Ripken's 2,632 in a row. There wasn't a blitzing Sam linebacker running at Ripken when he went in the hole for a grounder. And Favre's ability to get his life in order and get off of Vicodin required a courage that revealed greatness.

I'd certainly put Favre in the top 10, with Graham, Baugh, Montana, Starr, Marino, Sid Luckman (I'll defer to my elders on this one, who swear by the Bears' QB of the 1940s), Unitas, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. (Staubach and Jurgy are next in line.) But number one? Nope.

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Live it up, enjoy your shining moment with your mighty pen, because history won't remember any of your stupid BS. History won't remember you at all.

1st - It's the media who ginned up the retirement issue every year, NOT FAVRE. He just declined to make a decision till he was ready, just as they did with Elway a decade ago, who also declined to decide till he was ready, which was IN MAY, just as Kurt Warner is doing now.

2nd - Favre's not Vick, or Pacman, or crazy Terrell Owens. HE'S BRETT FAVRE. NO ONE has ever played the game with a higher caliber of sportsmanship, integrity, or commitment. I think you may be confused about who you're spewing nonsense about. He changed his mind - he didn't break the law or disgrace himself. He just changed his mind, just like Lombardi, Jimmy Connors, Michael Jordan, Joe Namath, Reggie White, Lance Armstrong, and many, many other greats before him. Stop spinning this as if he's committed some unforgivable sin.

3rd - Favre holds virtually every passing record there is; pulled the Packers out of the ditch they had being lying in for 30 years, took them to two Super Bowls, winning one, and made them one of the best teams in football for most of his 16 years, instead of a laughing stock; won THREE MVP awards, and was invited to 10 Pro-bowls. YOU don't get to decide whether he was a great player, HISTORY HAS ALREADY MADE THAT DECREE you dipstick!

So give the snide, distorted, and wildly slanted BS a rest - nobody's buying it. In fact, how about you "journalists" try something totally new include some FACTS in your "reporting". American journalism has become equivelant to the Jerry Springer Show, and shockingly, sports journalism is the worst. I'm getting real sick of all of these petty jealous little Favre haters trying to tear him down. He's a nice man, who is the NFL's poster boy for sportsmanship and has always done his level best to show compassion and charity for others, yet here you tiny, little jokes of humanity are tearing him down, because you, yourselves are so insiginficant. Please don't think the public is blind to that, we're not.

No matter what nonsense you spew with your little column, Favre will still be a legend because HE'S EARNED IT! History isn't going to remember the food you're throwing at him now - it will have turned to dust, just like you.

Posted by: TeriB | February 12, 2009 11:19 AM

TERIB - get a hold of yourself dude. Favre is barely a top 10 QB - his decision making as pointed out has been horrible and what exactly has he won since 1999? Get some perspective dude. Are most Packer fans as unhinged as you?

Posted by: mjwies11 | February 12, 2009 12:10 PM

To start,I bleed burgundy and gold always have always will. However, I love Brett Favre! The guy plays the game the way it is supposed to be played. With passion and love of the game. The guy has played the exact same way from the time he learned how to throw a football. If more NFL players did that and had the respect for the game Favre did football would be a better sport.

Im not gonna say I completely agree with Terib but hes got some valid points. The media is the one in love with the Favre saga, I wish someone was covering me when I was deciding wether to play football or get drunk in High School. Sports writers, ESPN and the rest of the media turned this situation into what it is, most of us could care less what the man was going to do, we just wanted you to shut up and report something else but you forced it down our throats.

The man is definately a top 5 FOOTBALL PLAYER and a top 10 QB. Next to Art Monk, Bret Farve is my favorite FOOTBALL player for the way he played the game. For as many times he did throw in to triple coverage and was picked he threw into quadruple coverage and hit for a 70yd bomb.

Give Brett the respect and place in history he deserves and let the man retire peacefully.

Posted by: murphyz | February 12, 2009 2:34 PM

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