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February 17th Winner: PlayByTheRules


In Response to: Goodell Took a Pay Cut Should the Players Too?

It is long past time for player salaries to move back into the realm of reality. When people are hurting and staying home to watch games on TV for free, the leagues will crumble without cutting salaries. 500k is plenty for Wall Street execs, and more than enough for a professional athlete. With the savings, owners could drop ticket prices back in the realm of reality, too. Why should a family of four pay more than a month's utility bills to go to a ball game? Absurd. And while they're at it, $1 beer and free parking would be a nice touch.

Posted By: PlayByTheRules | February 17, 2009 12:46 PM

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Could not possibly agree more! Shame that more people don't think as you do.

Think about the salaries received by others that do so much more for us( police, fire, teachers, etc.) Relative to these folks ballplayers are insignificant.

Posted by: howie423 | February 19, 2009 1:48 PM

This comment, to me, underscores what's wrong with the U.S. today.

How much is a ball player worth?

That's easy... as much as people are willing to pay him. Comparisons to teachers, fireman, whatever are ridiculous because it misses the mark of how and why people are paid.

Before you go on, let's review the basics here:

1) The NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. are all private businesses.

2) There is no "right" to see a ball game. None. At all.

3) A private business should be allowed to pay its workers whatever it wants. Imagine if your boss sais "I'd like to pay you more, but the federal government says your pay grade must be less than a policeman". Dumb, eh?

4) If you don't like paying too much for a ball game, *then don't go*. Please refer to point #2 below.

5) the fact that some people think it's insightful that this was written, to me, points out that people are ignorant of why professional sports exists.

6) I'll help you out. Professional sports are no different than going to a concert. I took my wife and kids to a concert last summer and it cost me $360. If it was too much, I wouldn't have gone. I made the choice to pay the money.

7) I agree professional sports tickets are too much. So I don't go. Boom. Solved that problem.

Honestly, you people are whiny, thinking there is some "right" to see a ball game at an inexpensive price. You're just wrong.

Posted by: Ombudsman1 | February 23, 2009 10:36 PM

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