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January 2nd Winner: BOBFBELL


In Response To: Super Bowl Blunders

Were any of the posters here watching the same game I did? The number and amount of holding calls (which, truth be told could be made on every passing play in an NFL game) made against Arizona vs. those made against Pittsburgh was staggering. I dare anyone to watch the replay of each and every time Big Ben evaded the Cardinal rush and look around him rather than at him; there were so much Steelers holding on each of these plays they should have been arrested for mugging. Not one call.

And, for Golic to rationalize that the holding call in the end zone "is almost never called when an offensive lineman is run over by a defender" simply misstates what happened: the center grabbed the Cardinal players jersey and wrested him to the ground and held him there to prevent him from getting to Big Ben. Good call but not enough to offset an obvious officiating bias against Arizona including two questionable unsportsmanlike calls on one drive.

Still, the biggest blunder of the game was not made by the officials but by Warner in rushing a throw at the goal line with first and goal. Why try to shove a pass into the teeth of the defense when you have likely the best fade route runner in the league in Larry Fitzgerald? Bad call, bad execution and it was a 14 point play. The fact Arizona came back to lead this game made it a great game to watch and the officiating didn't help them but, in the end, the Arizona coaching staff and Warner bear the blame for the loss.

Posted by: bobfbell | February 2, 2009 3:55 PM

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"Why try to shove a pass into the teeth of the defense when you have likely the best fade route runner in the league in Larry Fitzgerald?"

Maybe we weren't watching the same game.

Fitzgerald busting one loose? Expected. He's a towering talent. The best. But that towering talent hardly left an impression on the game aside from that, save tackling Harrison too late to stop the TD.

Now why do you suppose the postseason's number one receiver didn't leave but those two impressions on the game, one defensive? I'm sure it had nothing to do with the opponents. It was all just bad play calling.

Even if it was all bad play calling, I wouldn't suppose playing the League's toughest defense had anything to do with that either. What you're suggesting is that it's all just pure incompetence on the part of the Cardinals coaching staff and calls you disagree with.

I don't buy it. Sorry. The Cardinals almost won, and a lesser team would have wilted after Fitzgerald's TD. The Steelers didn't flinch. Instead in the ensuing drive they made the key contribution to one of the best Super Bowl contests ever.

I'd think a little nod to that fact would be in order, don't you?

Posted by: dgblues | February 3, 2009 2:13 PM

I hear this all the time, how the officials gave the game to Pittsburgh. How about not letting them drive 78 yds with a little over 2 and some change to play. where was the defense, all they needed was one stop. The Steelers had the toughest schedule in the league and still won 12 games, never lost two games in a row all year, as a matter of fact every team they lost to was in the playoffs (NYG,PHIL,Indy,Tenn).To say the Steelers get all the calls is like saying Kobe Bryant gets too many calls bottom line......he`s earned it just like the Steelers. A great rapper once said "men and women lie, numbers don`t" 6 Super Bowls and we`ll probably win another one before the two teams we were tied with 5.

Posted by: aircaress | February 3, 2009 6:56 PM

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