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What's Haynesworth?


There's no question that Albert Haynesworth is a dominant defensive player -- I've seen him take three blockers and create lanes for two or three of his fellow defenders, and he's as disruptive as anyone in the league. However, there are two questions that linger about the standout tackle. First, there's his health - he hasn't played a full 16 games since his rookie year of 2002. Second, there's the motivation issue -- his best two seasons have been the last two, when he's essentially been playing on one-year contracts.

If the reported $100 million deal is really on the table from the Redskins, I'd say it depends on how the deal is structured. Is he worth $25 million per year, guaranteed, over the next three years? Probably, especially with the specter of an uncapped year on the horizon. The Redskins would just have to accept the risk and hope for the reward.

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Its good to see the Redskins trying to improve in one of their 3 key weaknesses (defensive tackle, wide receiver, offensive tackle). But the bottom line is that this team is consistently mediocre. That is because the NFL is designed for mediocrity unless you have a top flight owner and gm. The Redskins have an owner more concerned with making money than winning and Cerrato is clearly over his head. I know three season ticket holders for over 40 years each who did not renew this offseason. I bet there are alot more.

Posted by: 4472jon | February 25, 2009 2:03 PM

Here we go again. High priced free agents who even if they work out,still hurt the team by virtue of all the money allocated to a few. The Redskins need to copy what the Caps did and build through the draft. All of the recent Super Bowl winners have built their team through the draft. It bears saying again, this team will never be a championship contender as long as Snyder owns them.

Posted by: chopin224 | February 25, 2009 4:52 PM

Like they care if tose people do not renew their tickets. There is still a 20 year waiting list. You gotta do better than that. They continue to be the richest franchise in North America. You have to do better than that. If they make it under the cap somehow, next year is the cap free year and they can clear the books without penalty. If they can sign something that allows them a great player and still sign draft picks, then next year eat the rest of the deal. Why not?

Posted by: dbrine1261 | February 25, 2009 4:54 PM

The Redskins need a football mind. get Snyder and Cerato out of the decision making process.

Haynesworth would set the Skins back. They are not one player away.

Posted by: YUTZ | February 25, 2009 5:09 PM

It is worth the risk. It is really worth the risk if they keep C Griffith. One good D Tackle is not enough to help the pass rush. I bet London will like the signing. He will finally make the pro bowl he deserves.

Posted by: gtrotto | February 25, 2009 6:01 PM

You are out of your mind if you think he's worth $100M, he'd better be able to get a sack every other play for that kind of money. Deion Sanders was a hired gun that shot blanks and so was every other game changer that has been brought in to help. Haynesworth should go to Dallas where they have bail bonds lining the street just outside of the stadium. Save the money on fixing the multitude of problems that the Skins have.

Posted by: Kings_Rook | February 26, 2009 10:39 AM

"Is he worth $25 million per year, guaranteed, over the next three years? Probably, especially with the specter of an uncapped year on the horizon. The Redskins would just have to accept the risk and hope for the reward."

It's amazing how quickly someone can say "Sure, bring 'em on, they'll help us. It's only money." You REALLY believe he's worth $25 million a year for each of three years? Wouldn't it be better to get a couple of other players for the $25 million, simply buying someone else's quarterback for example, rather than paying $25 million a year to play a position - no matter how good he is (forgetting he's only one of several who need to perform collectively), "accept the risk and hope"?

And, strictly from a team perspective, pay one person $25 million a year and what do you pay the guy playing with him? Half that? One tenth of that? Unless you're saying to the entire team that "This one individual is so much better than everyone else, so unique that he will, nearly alone, carry this team to success on each and every play, in each and every game...", you're not going to have a team. You're going to have simply one - one - happy individual.

Sorry, but I'm of the school that believes that few free agents in football are worth the massive amounts they're asking for, that few live up to what they want, whereas players playing for a contract are playing with greater incentive. I can't justify spending - even if it's someone else's money - even if it's Dan Snyder's money - $25 million a year on a player, nor guaranteeing $40 million. Sorry, but I just can't.

Posted by: Dungarees | February 26, 2009 1:01 PM

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