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April 1 Winner: wprioleau

I've heard that Al leaves more football knowledge in the "bowl" than most folks will ever know, but when a man drafts a kicker in the first round of the draft at 17 it's time to put his wheelchair on cruise and point him in the direction of the bright warm light.

By TOP COMMENTER | March 31, 2009; 11:09 PM ET | Comments (0)

Hindsight Is 20/20, Except for Janikowski

I believe the worst offensive pick -- at least in modern football times -- occurred when the Oakland Raiders selected kicker Sebastian Janikowski from Florida State with the 17th pick of the 2000 draft.

By Rob Rang | March 31, 2009; 3:50 AM ET | Comments (5)

Schlichter Gelded the Colts

Schlichter not only was a bust, he busted up the Baltimore Colts

By Jim McCormick | March 30, 2009; 3:30 PM ET | Comments (0)

An All-Bust Offense

Since the "Worst Draft Pick Ever" is a no-brainer (Hello, Mr. Leaf!), I thought I'd put together an All-Bust Offense.

By Doug Farrar | March 30, 2009; 3:09 PM ET | Comments (8)

Can it be Elway?

Elway went on to be one of the five greatest quarterbacks (perhaps players) in the history of the sport. The Colts? Be them in Baltimore or Indianapolis, they never won more than nine games in a season during Elway's career (1983-1998).

By Dan Levy | March 30, 2009; 2:26 PM ET | Comments (31)

The Mandarich Misstep

Taken behind Troy Aikman, and sandwiched in between three Hall of Fame players, there's no doubt that it was this MSU mammoth worst pick in draft history.

By Shawn Zobel | March 30, 2009; 2:07 PM ET | Comments (2)

Leaf Never Turned It Around

Ryan Leaf was so unpleasant he made Heath Shuler seem positively Joe Montana-like.

By Gene Wang | March 30, 2009; 2:02 PM ET | Comments (6)

Then? Steelers-Raiders. Now? Steelers-Ravens.

These days, with the Brady/Manning rivalry on hiatus, the best go-round can be seen whenever the Steelers play their divisional nemesis, the Baltimore Ravens.

By Doug Farrar | March 27, 2009; 10:50 PM ET | Comments (1)

49ers vs. Cowboys

The "betrayal" of former 49er Charles Haley going to Dallas, or former Cowboy Ken Norton, Jr. making the same move to San Francisco only heightened the hated rivalry. It certainly isn't the oldest or, perhaps, even the best. One could make the argument that the Packers-Bears is the best of all time. Hailing from the West Coast, I enjoyed the myriad of rivalries from the Oakland Raiders perspective, including against the Broncos and Chiefs. However, the 49ers-Cowboys rivalry was the one that I believe helped transform the NFL into America's Game.

By Rob Rang | March 27, 2009; 10:05 PM ET | Comments (1)


Reluctantly it seems that the NFL's version of Magic and Bird is Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Two great players, but the rivalry isn't even close to that on the hardwood.

By Dan Levy | March 27, 2009; 11:24 AM ET | Comments (1)

Al Davis vs. Pete Rozelle

The NFL doesn't have rivalries like the NBA, closest thing would Pete Rozelle and Al Davis

By Kornheiser & Wilbon | March 27, 2009; 10:39 AM ET | Comments (0)

Joe Willie vs. Johnny U

The epic battles the two players had are etched in the memories of the baby boom generation.

By Peter Schaffer | March 27, 2009; 10:14 AM ET | Comments (1)

In D.C., Allen vs. Landry

The NFL to a large degree, owe a large debt to Allen for introducing the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry to a national audience and making it must-watch TV every season.

By Gene Wang | March 27, 2009; 10:01 AM ET | Comments (0)

Should the NFL Expand the Regular Season?

Readers vote here on whether to expand or shrink the NFL regular season.

By Reader Poll | March 26, 2009; 1:41 PM ET | Comments (0)

Bad Idea All Around

Season expansion is probably inevitable, but is it actually a good idea? How do I count the ways in which it isn't?

By Doug Farrar | March 25, 2009; 12:34 PM ET | Comments (1)

Don't Dilute the Season

The point is, more football is always seems good but I don't think devaluing the regular season anymore make sense.

By Dan Levy | March 25, 2009; 12:08 PM ET | Comments (1)

Expansion Inevitable

Expansion of NFL season is probably inevitable, but is it fair for all teams, especially those in warm climates?

By Tony Kornheiser | March 25, 2009; 11:19 AM ET | Comments (0)

Apple Pie - 18 Games

Expanding the NFL regular season to 18 games is a no brainer for all parties involved.

By Peter Schaffer | March 25, 2009; 10:49 AM ET | Comments (0)

All-Pro Late Draft

Some of my esteemed colleagues are right in pointing out the selection of Tom Brady as the best offensive draft pick of all time. Here is my All-Pro offensive team cast over the past 20 years drafted in the 6th round or later:

By Rob Rang | March 24, 2009; 11:42 PM ET | Comments (1)

Starr of the Show

Until Brady wins a few more titles, Bart Starr has him beat for all-time best offensive draft pick.

By Gene Wang | March 24, 2009; 12:40 PM ET | Comments (0)

Brady the Best

He's won three Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVP's, as well as a league MVP award.

By Shawn Zobel | March 24, 2009; 8:31 AM ET | Comments (2)

Brady Beats Bunch

When you take a comp pick awarded at the Owner's Meetings and spin it into this generation's Joe Montana... found gold or not, that's the best draft pick I've ever seen.

By Doug Farrar | March 24, 2009; 8:29 AM ET | Comments (2)

Learning From College

Overtime is one of the areas in which I believe the NCAA has surged past the NFL in being more fan-friendly and fairer to the teams, themselves.

By Rob Rang | March 20, 2009; 2:12 PM ET | Comments (0)

OT's For Postseason

Eliminate regular-season overtime altogether. You play sixty minutes, and if it's all even, that's it.

By Doug Farrar | March 20, 2009; 1:29 AM ET | Comments (2)

March 19th Winner: bigboid

I always thought the rule only needed to be modified just a wee bit: ensure both teams get at least one possession in OT.

By TOP COMMENTER | March 19, 2009; 3:58 PM ET | Comments (0)

NFL OT Unfair

Kornheiser proposes his OT reformation plan, Wilbon sees no need to change it.

By Kornheiser & Wilbon | March 19, 2009; 11:16 AM ET | Comments (1)

First to Six Wins

Why not keep what the NFL has, but make the winning team need to score six points in overtime instead of three?

By Dan Levy | March 19, 2009; 10:59 AM ET | Comments (1)

The Star Treatment

They can be a waste of time for established veterans whose time could be better spent resting, or in some cases healing

By Gene Wang | March 18, 2009; 12:27 PM ET | Comments (0)

Who Gets 6 Months Off?

Do the PR people and the equipment people take six months off? Does the GM take six months off? (okay, that's debatable for many teams.)

By Dan Levy | March 18, 2009; 12:02 PM ET | Comments (1)

Useful in Some Ways

The whole exercise may seem repetitive and boring, but it does get everyone in pre-draft shape.

By Doug Farrar | March 18, 2009; 12:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Beauty of the tourney, like fantasy, is the unexpected

The best aspect of both the NCAA tournament and Fantasy Football is the discovery of that "diamond in the rough."

By Rob Rang | March 17, 2009; 10:12 PM ET | Comments (0)

Madness over Fantasy

Just cutting to those team rooms and student-filled arenas cheering as they make the Big Dance is almost as exciting as watching the games themselves.

By Dan Levy | March 16, 2009; 11:13 AM ET | Comments (0)

Tourney Tops Draft

Unlike filling out your bracket, the draft gets less exciting as you move to the final round.

By Emil Steiner | March 16, 2009; 11:10 AM ET | Comments (0)

Off The Bubble

Both bracket day and fantasy draft day should be given holiday status. I mean if Arbor Day is a holiday

By Zach Leibowitz | March 16, 2009; 9:34 AM ET | Comments (0)

Fantasy Anti-Climax

I used to go along with the group-think that had dubbed the fantasy football draft the best day of the sports calendar, but it never fails to disappoint.

By Dan Steinberg | March 15, 2009; 6:48 PM ET | Comments (0)

Fantasy Rules

NCAA bracketology is a month of "madness" but fantasy football is a year-long obsession.

By Jim McCormick | March 15, 2009; 4:36 PM ET | Comments (0)

They're Both Fun

What do I like about Fantasy Football? You can try to screw people over in a trade. That part's fun.

By Austin Kearns | March 15, 2009; 6:14 AM ET | Comments (1)

Draft Over Bracket

As a sports event, March Madness can't be beat, but participating in a fantasy football draft is the cheatsheet-clutching, hands-down winner over filling out a bracket.

By Desmond Bieler | March 15, 2009; 6:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Fantasy Is All You Need

Come Selection Sunday, I'll be scouting sleeper running backs, as I construct my master roster for fantasy football domination.

By Gene Wang | March 15, 2009; 5:13 AM ET | Comments (0)

They'll Work It Out

It's still too early to say what will happen, but I believe they are both mature enough to resolve their problems and go about business.

By Dick Vermeil | March 12, 2009; 1:29 PM ET | Comments (0)

Paging Chris Simms

If the coach and quarterback can't get along, if the trust between them is broken, the season is doomed from the start.

By Les Carpenter | March 12, 2009; 12:29 PM ET | Comments (0)

Cutler Right to Be Angry

Amazing how Super Bowl victories (John Elway, Ely Manning) help quarterbacks shed the "diva" status...

By Rob Rang | March 12, 2009; 11:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

Cutler: Win First, Then Talk

Well, one thing is for sure, no matter which team I pick, the quarterback is a giant crybaby.

By Dan Levy | March 12, 2009; 9:13 AM ET | Comments (1)

Great Ones Aren't Divas

While I don't believe that the Broncos are obliged to grovel at Cutler's feet, an explanation and reconciliation is absolutely necessary.

By Doug Farrar | March 12, 2009; 6:35 AM ET | Comments (0)

Team First

At the end of the day, Cutler still reports to the coach.

By Peter Schaffer | March 12, 2009; 6:29 AM ET | Comments (1)

Gotta Get Along

The head coach and the quarterback are the leaders of a team, and if they're warring the locker room ends up in turmoil.

By Keenan McCardell | March 11, 2009; 6:54 PM ET | Comments (0)

Make Up or Break Up

The Broncos can't go the season in limbo, with the Cutler-McDaniels distraction interfering with game preparation and on-field performance.

By Gene Wang | March 11, 2009; 6:35 PM ET | Comments (0)


Everything depends on LaDainian Tomlinson's injured groin.

By Les Carpenter | March 10, 2009; 5:40 PM ET | Comments (0)

Rookies Hurt Free Agents

Veterans are fighting a battle against the promise of the 2009 class to land big free agent dollars.

By Rob Rang | March 10, 2009; 2:11 PM ET | Comments (0)

Big Names, Not Game

There is a reason TO found a job in two days when 30 other wide receivers are available. He's productive. They aren't.

By Dan Levy | March 10, 2009; 9:20 AM ET | Comments (1)

Brees & L.T.? A Big Easy

If the Chargers release Tomlinson, the Saints should pounce immediately

By Doug Farrar | March 10, 2009; 8:36 AM ET | Comments (0)

Harrison's Done

Jason Taylor is an intriguing player still on the market

By Shawn Zobel | March 10, 2009; 8:21 AM ET | Comments (0)

Part Help, Part Hype

For an offense that is in need of a pick-me-up, Owens could be the key to pushing them over the top.

By Shawn Zobel | March 8, 2009; 11:36 AM ET | Comments (0)

Dumb Enough to Work

For Buffalo it makes perfect sense. As for T.O., the move makes very little sense.

By Dan Levy | March 8, 2009; 8:41 AM ET | Comments (0)

T.O. to the Rescue

Thanks to the aggressive move of signing Terrell Owens, the Buffalo Bills have become a factor again after years of irrelevance.

By Gene Wang | March 7, 2009; 11:06 PM ET | Comments (0)

Smart Move, Bills

There's a pattern here -- T.O. is a great first date and a rotten partner.

By Doug Farrar | March 7, 2009; 10:37 PM ET | Comments (0)

Bills Sign Declining Star

The numbers indicate he's just another receiver now

By Jon DeNunzio | March 7, 2009; 10:13 PM ET | Comments (0)

Help, Hype, Hurt?

How will Terrell Owens effect the Buffalo Bills? You decide...

By TOP COMMENTER | March 7, 2009; 10:10 PM ET | Comments (0)

When Personality Trumps Performance

A little narcissism can be okay, but too much "me, me, me" leaves little room for others.

By Dr. Matthew Prowler | March 6, 2009; 12:26 PM ET | Comments (0)

T.O.'s Longest Yard

Terrell Owens has no one but himself to blame for his current predicament.

By David Aldridge | March 6, 2009; 9:35 AM ET | Comments (4)

Terrell Owens To DC

Don't believe the front office hype, Terrell Owens will be a Redskin.

By Kornheiser & Wilbon | March 6, 2009; 8:51 AM ET | Comments (2)

T.O. Spells No

Chances are the next time we see Owens will be in a reality show rather than an NFL stadium.

By Peter Schaffer | March 5, 2009; 11:34 PM ET | Comments (1)

Strong draft hurts T.O.

With seven potential first round WRs in this year's draft, fewer teams will be interested in the enigmatic Owens.

By Rob Rang | March 5, 2009; 3:46 PM ET | Comments (1)

T.O. to the Ravens?

Without T.O. Dallas is just another pretender, and only Wade Phillips to blame.

By Gene Wang | March 5, 2009; 1:49 PM ET | Comments (1)

Terrell and the Jets?

Yes, he's over the hill, but what better stage for a swan song than Broadway?

By Les Carpenter | March 5, 2009; 12:00 PM ET | Comments (1)

Plenty of Possibilities

There are only about six or seven teams for which signing Owens would make no sense at all.

By Mark Maske | March 5, 2009; 11:17 AM ET | Comments (10)

NE, Maybe

Sometimes the best way to prevent distractions is to keep them out of your locker room. We're coaches, not psychologists.

By Dick Vermeil | March 5, 2009; 11:12 AM ET | Comments (4)

Too Much Baggage

For Jones to cut the ties with T.O. sends a huge red flag to the rest of the NFL.

By Doug Farrar | March 5, 2009; 10:49 AM ET | Comments (0)

NFC East Redux

DC...get your popcorn ready. But be mindful -- it'll get stale pretty quick.

By Dan Levy | March 5, 2009; 10:12 AM ET | Comments (6)

March 6th Winner: INKYDOG

I have been a Redskins fan all of my life, but as God as my witness, if they sign TO I will pack away my burgundy and gold jersey and find another team to follow.

By TOP COMMENTER | March 5, 2009; 6:39 AM ET | Comments (2)

Vick Doesn't Deserve a Second Chance

There has to be something so vile in the character of someone who would support such an operation that we have wonder if it is worth having that person involved in the sport we love.

By Doug Farrar | March 4, 2009; 9:59 AM ET | Comments (6)

Vick's a Tougher Sell

NFL fans want to win. But I'm not sure how many NFL fans want their team to be the one that pays Vick a king's ransom to lineup under center.

By Dan Levy | March 4, 2009; 9:07 AM ET | Comments (0)

Risky Bonds Investment

Let's see, admitted dog-abuser and convicted felon or alleged steroid cheat and ultimate baseball fraud?

By Zach Leibowitz | March 4, 2009; 7:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

Vick, Clearly?

Vick's younger -- his transgressions hurt dogs, not his sport.

By Peter Schaffer | March 4, 2009; 3:32 AM ET | Comments (9)

Vick or Bonds?

Michael Vick or Barry Bonds, you decide...

By Reader Poll | March 4, 2009; 3:28 AM ET | Comments (0)

March 4th Winner: DCScribe1

Matt Cassel now stands in the shadow of Scott Mitchell -- free agency winner/incumbent franchise savior. Lucky for Cassel he isn't headed to Detroit.

By TOP COMMENTER | March 4, 2009; 3:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

Atlanta Redux?

While Cassel showed considerable mobility and moxie in leading the New England offense, the reality is that he was given the keys to a Ferrari.

By Jim McCormick | March 2, 2009; 11:42 PM ET | Comments (0)

Fantasy Letdown Ahead

Don't expect Cassel's impressive fantasy numbers to continue next season in Kansas City.

By Gene Wang | March 2, 2009; 2:54 PM ET | Comments (0)

All About the System

Between new GM Scott Pioli and new head coach Todd Haley, I'd say that Cassel is actually in the perfect environment to make a real go of it.

By Doug Farrar | March 2, 2009; 6:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

Bright Future in KC

I expect to see Cassel thrive in Todd Haley's offensive system.

By Shawn Zobel | March 2, 2009; 6:15 AM ET | Comments (0)

Can Cassel Deliver?

Sure he led the New England Patriots to a surprising 11-5 record filling in for Tom Brady, but will Matt Cassel be as effective as the starting quarterback in Kansas City? You decide...

By Reader Poll | March 2, 2009; 5:56 AM ET | Comments (0)

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