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Cutler: Win First, Then Talk


For full disclosure, I grew up a Denver Broncos fan. Disenfranchised with how the organization was run in recent years under Mike Shanahan, I made a determination that it might be in my best interest to shift allegiance to my local squad -- the Philadelphia Eagles. Now that Shanahan is gone, I find myself in a weird state of football flux. Do I continue to root for my boyhood favorite or do I align with my neighborhood heroes?

Well, one thing is for sure, no matter which team I pick, the quarterback is a giant crybaby.

Take Donovan McNabb. He thinks he got booed on draft day. He didn't get booed on draft day. The Eagles got booed on draft day. Silly, uniformed Eagles fans at the behest of equally uninformed sports radio talking heads thought that Ricky Williams would be the best fit for the Eagles and vowed to boo any person the Birds chose other than the running back from Texas.

While Williams had a few productive years, his penchant for "alternative" medicine has seen him in and out of the league his entire career. He's not a bust, but he was never the franchise player he should have been. Or McNabb has been.

But rather than embrace the city, McNabb has always kept Philadelphia -- both the media and the fans -- at arms length. Philadelphia doesn't seem to deserve Donovan. Which is why every year he tells the media he wants to stay in Philadelphia for his entire career. Funny, though, every time he seems to say this, it's days after one of his friends in the business has A PREMONITION that he's leaving town. Really, a premonition? They couldn't come up with a better story than that? Why does McNabb do this every year?

The reason is simple. McNabb is a quarterback. This same rant could be said about Brett Favre (oh, right, I did that a few weeks ago). They are quarterbacks. They've always been the center of attention, both on the field and presumably in life. Ah...the star quarterback.

So when someone doesn't love them unconditionally, it's 'disrespected' this and 'trade me' that.

Enter Jay Cutler. At least Brett Favre is a Hall of Famer. At least Donovan McNabb is an established quarterback in the league. What has Jay Cutler done? Win three less games than he's lost? Check. Take a team that was 7-4 in his rookie season and NOT lead them to the playoffs? Check. Lead his team to three straight-season ending losses last season when one win would have gotten them into the playoffs? Check and mate.

By all accounts, Jay Cutler thinks Jay Cutler is awesome. But his production on the field hasn't produced the most important thing -- wins. He's not a winner. His career record in the NFL is 17-20. His record at Vanderbilt was 11-35. His teams won five games in conference in four seasons.

That's not an indictment on Cutler. Maybe the rest of his team was terrible. But the numbers don't lie. He has never won at a high level. (Okay, fine it is an indictment on Cutler.) So why should he expect new Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels to hand him the reins to his new team without a second thought? Because he's the incumbent? Please.

And the thing that angers me the most is that the Broncos DIDN'T ACTUALLY TRY TO TRADE HIM. They had talks with other teams about the possibility of interest in him. McDaniels wanted his own guy to lead his team. What's wrong with that? Should you expect your new boss to not want to replace you when he comes in? Your old boss was fired for a reason. And in Cutler's case, HE'S the reason.

So advice for Cutler, and all the other you-haven't-done-anything-for-me-lately quarterbacks in the league. Shut up! Stop talking to the media through your 'sources' about how things have gone from bad to worse because of a phone call. Be happy you have a starting job. And win some games. Then, you can talk. We'll still think of you as a crybaby. But you can talk.

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Nicely put about Cutler.

Posted by: ozpunk | March 14, 2009 6:04 PM

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