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Archive: April 12, 2009 - April 18, 2009

Madden Spans Generations, Platforms

John Madden is one of the most important men in the history of the game of football.

By Dan Levy | April 17, 2009; 9:50 AM ET | Comments (0)

Much More Than Xs and Os

The NFL could not have become the most profitable sports league in America without Madden

By Gene Wang | April 17, 2009; 3:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Genuine Article

Madden enjoyed the game as much as any viewer, and that excitement spilled over into his broadcasts.

By Doug Farrar | April 17, 2009; 3:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Genius of Madden

Madden had the ability to make every listener feel like he they were sitting next to each other on a couch eating pizza, drinking beer and watching Sunday ball.

By Peter Schaffer | April 17, 2009; 2:44 AM ET | Comments (0)

Millen on Madden

Matt Millen, the longtime NFL player, executive and broadcaster, says that John Madden changed football.

By Mark Maske | April 16, 2009; 5:23 PM ET | Comments (0)

He Made Us Much Smarter

Pass the turducken, Madden was a great teacher of the game.

By Cindy Boren | April 16, 2009; 2:25 PM ET | Comments (3)

Man, Myth, Video Game

John Madden is a legit legend in three arenas (four if you include eating).

By Jim McCormick | April 16, 2009; 2:17 PM ET | Comments (0)

Cleveland Doesn't Rock

Expect some somber, and hopefully entertaining, Mangini press conferences come early October.

By Jim McCormick | April 15, 2009; 7:06 PM ET | Comments (0)

South Beach Swoon?

We'll see right away if Miami's surprising last season was a rebirth or if the Dolphins simply benefited from a favorable schedule.

By Gene Wang | April 15, 2009; 12:07 PM ET | Comments (0)

Fins Face Rough Waters

Miami's reward for a successful 2008, is a 2009 schedule that has some real killers in the first month.

By Doug Farrar | April 15, 2009; 10:58 AM ET | Comments (0)

Cowboys, Panthers

The schedule makers may have sealed the fate of Wade Phillips even prior to the season starting.

By Peter Schaffer | April 15, 2009; 10:50 AM ET | Comments (0)

We Miss You Harry

A part of my family died Monday. A part of all of our families.

By Dan Levy | April 14, 2009; 8:47 AM ET | Comments (0)

Facenda Still God

When it comes to the greatest of all time at what they did, the nod, with no disrespect, must go to the voice of God, John Facenda.

By Peter Schaffer | April 14, 2009; 2:19 AM ET | Comments (3)

Harry the K, Philly's treasure first

Harry Kalas was there for me one of the biggest days of my life, and for thousands of little days too.

By Sean McCann | April 13, 2009; 9:05 PM ET | Comments (1)

Farewell, Harry

When you heard the sound of Harry Kalas, you turned the volume up.

By Zach Leibowitz | April 13, 2009; 4:52 PM ET | Comments (0)

A Sad Day

His voice will resonate in the minds and hearts of fans until they pass.

By Dick Vermeil | April 13, 2009; 4:08 PM ET | Comments (0)

Deep Voice, Deep Loss

A legendary sports announcer is such a special treasure because they outlive the legends from the field. As players come and players go, they remain.

By Jim McCormick | April 13, 2009; 3:31 PM ET | Comments (4)

Only One "Comeback"

For one amazing day, Frank Reich and his Bills authored the most amazing comeback we're ever likely to see in the NFL.

By Doug Farrar | April 13, 2009; 11:15 AM ET | Comments (3)

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