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April 24th Winner: mickeyjay1


In response to: Where Should Mark Sanchez Play?

Snyder is like a kid who just got some burns a hole in the pocket and just has to be spent on something frivolous. If he concentrated on a descent Offensive line with some depth he wouldn't have to worry about who was quarterback. Hell, I could do the job if he did what needs to be done for the team.

But, I think he could care less if we had a winning team or not. I think he is actually looking for the revenue he could receive from having everyone coming to see his prize ponies and the kick backs he will receive from them buying their official NFL memorabilia.

Basically, he is collecting and becoming richer off of the tradition of the Washington Redskins. Washington has a deep and rich history with an unwavering fan base that go beyond generations. Season tickets are coveted...which there has ALWAYS been a waiting list for. There aren't a lot of teams that can boast this type of history and fan base with such a high per capita income.

So, it seems to me as long as he can suck on this base without winning, why should he. If he can meet his goals by just buying up and displaying his show ponies every chance he gets, he will. Anyone who collects and trades as a hobby will tell don't need a lot of strategy, continuity, or brains to do that, just look for what glitters and buy it for you collection. Hell, if Oprah put a football in her hands and said she could throw, Snyder would probably be there with a contract. He is singlehandedly, turning what was a rich, historic, honored, and respected football franchise into a low class, alienated, and mocked Flea Circus.

Don't believe me...look at his record. If Jason Taylor hadn't danced with the Stars, he would have never been given $8,500,000.00/season to ride the pine, which Taylor passed up this year because the training schedule did not suit him (there must have been a conflict with his dancing lessons); or how about that lovable nut-case, Albert Haynesworth: $100,000,000.00.

Snyder better wake up before the interested in his pony show fades away...and it will.

Posted by: mickeyjay1 | April 23, 2009 12:33 PM

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I think MickJay1 misses what makes Snyder tick. He wants to win at all costs and doesn't have the football knowledge to accomplish his goal, but he thinks he does. He treats people like interchangeable cogs on a wheel. He proved what kind of manager he was when he bought the Redskins and announced that the office staff would stay on. A week later, he fired practically the entire staff.

During WWI, there were two kinds of Lieutenants. One would yell 'charge' and jump out of the trench with his men following him against the enemy. The second would yell 'charge', jump out of the trench and get about 30 yards before he realized that his men weren't following him. That was the last thought he had.
Which type of leader do you think Snyder is?

Jason should play out his contract. He probably will have a higher QB rating this year as it is the first time he has been in the same offense for more than one year in, what?, six years. He'll have a better line and a better defense and maybe a slightly better receiving core if any of last year's picks work out. Last year he ranked something like 13th, just like the 'skins. Also, his 2008 rating was four points better than Super Bowl winner Roethlisberger and 1.7 points lower than Jay Cutler. Jason, take the money and run!

Posted by: theStockman | April 28, 2009 1:35 PM

Snyder is by no means a perfect owner, but thank GAWD he's got the money to burn in attempting what he clearly wants, and that is of course to win Super Bowls.

His problem is that rather than studying and attempting to emulate the tactics of those organizations showing the greatest and most consistent success (such as the Pats and Steelers), he insists, perhaps understandably, on trying to blaze his own trail by trying to hit very expensive home runs, being "aggressive".

Now he may accidentally have actually hit a Grand Slam, albeit by again paying too much, for Haynesworth, who could actually have nearly the impact of a Lawrence Taylor for his team (and who, with 20/20 hindsight, would not have been willing to buy Taylor at the same age Haynesworth is now?)

Snyder the owner needs to calm down and be more patient, allow the team he's assembled to cohere, learn and grown together, and give Campbell his shot, now that the other, dubious, possibilities haven't worked out. One aspect of ownership he could learn from the late great Jack Kent Cooke is to trust the people he's hired and never show anything but unequivocal support, in public and private, until such support is clearly no longer warranted.

He and his Sicilian messenger boy, Johnny Ola... I mean, Vinny Cerato, should consider next year trading down, like Belichick does, in order to acquire more, cheaper, system-oriented players with potential, given that historically the later rounds are where the greatest finds occur and that great success in the early rounds is often rather rare. Although there was surely nothing wrong with some First Round picks, like Art Monk, Darryl Green, Chris Samuels, Champ Bailey and others, and, hopefully, Brian Orakpo.

Where the philosophy seems to be one of throwing heaps of money at the wall and hoping some of it sticks, rather, patience, wisdom, consistency and shrewdness would benefit Snyderato more in the long term.

For the Post to select this preceding excessively negative comment as the "best" seems a dubious choice and I strongly disagree; Snyder wants to win.

Posted by: Tedskins1 | April 28, 2009 2:34 PM

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