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I, like presumably many fans out there, do not care where the Super Bowl is held. In fact, I don't even remember where the Super Bowl was held five years ago. Houston? We're going with Houston? Ok, fine.

Some might argue that if your team has been to a Super Bowl, you remember everything about it. Not the case with me. I've had the pleasure/misfortune of having two teams I've cared about make five Super Bowls. I remember the games, and there was a lot of heartbreak involved for me as a little kid, but I have no idea where they took place.

Ultimately, the Super Bowl comes down to the show and the spectacle on television. Every other facet about the fun surrounding the Super Bowl is lost on a regular person sitting at home on their couch. I'm not terribly concerned about how dead last year's Maxim party was because I've never been to one, and odds are good I'll never be invited to one.

Talk about only one team's fans over-running a city (I'm looking at you Steelers fans)? Not interested. I'm a non-Redskins fan living in Redskins Country. I have no sympathy.

Complaints about transit in the city? Who cares, it can take me over an hour to drive less than eight miles to work every day.

See? In the end it all comes back to me and what I remember about Super Bowls is where I was when the game took place. This year I enjoyed a Bacon Explosion at my friend's place (no, that's not a euphemism).

The year before? Work.

The year before that? I had pizza with buffalo meat as a topping.

The year before that? Work.

I remember the parties, the fun, the food and in multiple cases, being at work for Manning to Tyree and Antwaan Randle El throwing the only good pass of a Super Bowl.

Maybe I'll always remember the host city of a Super Bowl if that city happens to be D.C. or Baltimore. Barring that, they could play in a parking lot and it wouldn't matter to me. So long as the game's on, I'm interested.

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