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Keenan McCardell
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Keenan McCardell

A Pro-Bowl wide receiver who was drafted in 1991 out of UNLV.

Never Safe Enough


I think the NFL should be striving each year to advance the safety of the game. Concussions are one of the most dangerous and least understood injuries out there. I was fortunate enough to only suffer one during my career, but to see it happen to your teammates is frightening.

They always look the same too. Guy hits the ground, blacks out and just like that his memory's gone. He won't even know how they got him off the field and because there's such competition he'll want to get back out there. The training staff has to take away his helmet and force him to sit. You see that and you're like: God, I hope that never happens to me!

But how do you stop it? It's pretty hard to do in a contact sport like football, but you can take precautions to lessen the damage.You have to continue to improve on the safety equipment that you already have -- better helmets especially. I don't buy the Ditka argument that players use theirheads as weapons because they think the new helmets give more protection. Yeah, sometimes concussions come from a helmet-to-helmet shot, but most of them come from guys slamming their heads against the field and the field not moving.They got rid of AstroTurf which was like cement -- that helps, but concussions are still going to happen.

So, I think the NFL is doing what it needs to do, but it needs to keep doing it, even after players retire. If you care about your product you care about them after the game is over.

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