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PEDs Don't an All-Pro Make

Steroids can't take you from a special teams contributor to a Pro Bowl linebacker. Getting bigger, faster and stronger won't make you catch or tackle better or throw a perfect spiral.

By Roman Oben | July 31, 2009; 2:53 PM ET | Comments (8)

Hall of Fame, Not of Virtue

If YouTube existed during his day, do you think Ty Cobb would be in Cooperstown?

By Jason Maloni | July 31, 2009; 12:27 PM ET | Comments (2)

Sainthood Not Required

Sainthood isn't a criterion for enshrinement into Canton, nor should it be for any sports hall of fame.

By Gene Wang | July 31, 2009; 11:16 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Cheaters HOF

Instead of debating Merriman or A-Rod, I suggest a forced segregation to a new Hall just for juicers.

By Chris Richardson | July 31, 2009; 10:31 AM ET | Comments (6)

PEDs Don't Taint NFL

Baseball is a game of numbers, football is a game of dominance, sacrifice and dedication to the team.

By Les Carpenter | July 31, 2009; 9:50 AM ET | Comments (1)

Put the Facts on the Plaque

If you are a millionaire NFL player who tested positive for steroids when you knew you were going to be tested, you actually tested positive for "stupid."

By Brian Tarcy | July 31, 2009; 9:26 AM ET | Comments (0)

Perception is Reality

While baseball players who cheat with PEDs are seen as interlopers, football's transgressors are seen as victims of their culture.

By Doug Farrar | July 31, 2009; 8:48 AM ET | Comments (0)

Drugs Are Drugs

A high-profile drug bust doesn't have the same PR ramifications on the gridiron as it has on the diamond

By Dan Levy | July 31, 2009; 8:19 AM ET | Comments (3)

Should a Positive PED Test Preclude Hall of Fame Entry?

Readers decide whether failing drug tests should affect an NFL players eligibility for Canton induction.

By Reader Poll | July 31, 2009; 8:09 AM ET | Comments (0)

Let 'em in!

In the NFL, there's none of the stigma attached to steroids.

By Dave Sheinin | July 31, 2009; 8:07 AM ET | Comments (0)

The StarCaps Problem

To hold players accountable to standards that are not clear and require judicial interpretation seems unfair.

By Mackie Shilstone | July 31, 2009; 7:24 AM ET | Comments (0)

Eagles Near Top

If Philadelphia doesn't have the best roster in the league, then they are definitely close.

By Shawn Zobel | July 30, 2009; 10:50 AM ET | Comments (0)

Capping Vick

The structuring of a Vick contract is an intriguing dilemma.

By J. I. Halsell | July 28, 2009; 12:38 PM ET | Comments (4)

Michael Vick a Dolphin? All Bark, No Bite

Miami already has their Wild Cat QB, and this one doesn't have character issues.

By Matt Infante | July 28, 2009; 10:07 AM ET | Comments (0)

Vick's Short Leash

At least 30 GMs will want him. The question is, how many are bold enough or charismatic enough to sell having him?

By Michael Wilbon | July 27, 2009; 9:54 PM ET | Comments (14)

A Vick-T.O. Hookup?

I'll say the Bills. He and T.O. already seem to have that bond for some reason

By Matt Loede | July 27, 2009; 8:22 PM ET | Comments (2)

Makeover Time

Vick should recognize that he needs structure more than he needs starts.

By Jason Maloni | July 27, 2009; 6:41 PM ET | Comments (0)

Vick the Jag?

Quick answer: Jacksonville.

By Joe Reedy | July 27, 2009; 5:40 PM ET | Comments (0)

T.O. Made Goodell Cave

Roger caved in because TO taunted him, called him "ridiculous" and said that "roger should sit in jail."

By Cindy Kagan | July 27, 2009; 5:02 PM ET | Comments (22)

Vick Raids the Bay?

Al Davis, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, give the man a call and get him on a plane to the Bay Area.

By Gene Wang | July 27, 2009; 4:51 PM ET | Comments (2)

Who Wants Michael Vick?

League Readers vote on which NFL team will sign Michael Vick

By Reader Poll | July 27, 2009; 4:35 PM ET | Comments (2)

A Small-Market Bounty?

There are a few destinations that make sense for Michael Vick.

By Doug Farrar | July 27, 2009; 4:28 PM ET | Comments (0)

Banner Is a 10-Year-Old

Only a child or an Eagles President would think Philadelphia has the best roster in football.

By Michael Kun | July 27, 2009; 1:38 PM ET | Comments (0)

Banner Lunacy

Every now and again, Joe Banner has an Al Davis moment. Don't be alarmed. It's a natural part of the aging process for an NFL executive.

By Sean McCann | July 27, 2009; 12:31 PM ET | Comments (0)

Brady Is the Difference

With Brady on board, the Patriots stand alone.

By Gene Wang | July 27, 2009; 12:15 PM ET | Comments (0)

Banner's Right. Now just win, baby...

The Eagles are the most talented just like the New York Yankees own the most talented Major League Baseball team. Until they win a championship, however, does it really matter?

By Rob Rang | July 27, 2009; 12:14 PM ET | Comments (0)

Watch What You Say

It's a long season, and it's going to be interesting to see if Banner's words come back to bite him and his team.

By Matt Loede | July 27, 2009; 11:26 AM ET | Comments (1)

Let the Excuses Begin

You have to take everything Banner says with the appropriate grain of blame-deflecting salt.

By Dan Levy | July 27, 2009; 9:43 AM ET | Comments (0)

Steelers For Now

Eagles may prove themselves to be the best roster but for now Pittsburgh still holds the crown.

By Jason Brewer | July 27, 2009; 9:19 AM ET | Comments (2)

Best How?

Joe Banner is among the most adept execs in the business, but I'm not sure what he meant with that "best roster" comment.

By Doug Farrar | July 27, 2009; 9:16 AM ET | Comments (0)

Brady's Back, So It's the Pats

Don't forget how close this team was two seasons ago to being remembered as the greatest ever.

By Mark Maske | July 27, 2009; 9:12 AM ET | Comments (0)

Don't Mess With Big Blue

Forget all this Eagles hype, the New York Giants have the best roster in the NFC.

By Edward Valentine | July 27, 2009; 8:59 AM ET | Comments (0)

Goodell, Sic Him!

None of the League felons, should ever be allowed to play again, for any reason.

By Cindy Kagan | July 24, 2009; 3:54 PM ET | Comments (26)

Vick Must Show Humility

Goodell should ask Vick if knows what the current unemployment rate is in Hampton Roads.

By Sally Jenkins | July 24, 2009; 3:03 PM ET | Comments (12)

He's Been Punished Enough

Despite the enormous pressure that exists from both sides, I say let the man play.

By Dave Choate | July 24, 2009; 1:38 PM ET | Comments (5)

Goodell Is All Business

Yes, Vick has certainly paid for his actions. Unfortunately for Goodell, not everyone sees it that way

By Sarah Schorno | July 24, 2009; 12:55 PM ET | Comments (3)

Goodell Decides Own Justice

At this point, if Goodell doesn't like your haircut you can probably get two games.

By Dan Levy | July 24, 2009; 12:38 PM ET | Comments (2)

GoodNewz for Vick

Having served his time and jail, Vick has earned the right to petition the NFL for reinstatement.

By Jason Maloni | July 24, 2009; 12:31 PM ET | Comments (2)

Goodell, Don't Play Daddy

No suspension. No punishment. No banishment. Nothing should happen to Michael Vick now that he has finished his 23 month sentence for financing a dog fighting ring.

By Robert Littal | July 24, 2009; 11:57 AM ET | Comments (12)

Time to Forgive

To all the Michael Vick haters, it's time to move on, to forgive and to come to grips with the fact he's going to play in the NFL again.

By Gene Wang | July 24, 2009; 11:49 AM ET | Comments (4)

No RenoGate Yet

It may be a long time before this case enters a Court of Law, but the Court of Public Opinion is already in session.

By Jason Maloni | July 22, 2009; 12:27 PM ET | Comments (2)

ESPN Arrogance?

Big Ben getting in trouble -- for whatever reason -- is news, report it.

By Dan Levy | July 22, 2009; 11:52 AM ET | Comments (5)

ESPN in Bed With NFL

ESPN's lack of Roethlisberger coverage stinks of an "ignore it and it will go away" attitude

By Chris Richardson | July 22, 2009; 10:02 AM ET | Comments (18)

Smart Move, ESPN?

What if ESPN isn't being slippery about this story, just rightfully cautious?

By A.J. Daulerio | July 22, 2009; 9:15 AM ET | Comments (3)

Is No News Good News?

Maybe we need to spend a little less time ranking on the blogosphere and more time making sure our own houses are in order.

By Doug Farrar | July 22, 2009; 8:03 AM ET | Comments (1)

Highlight Jockeys, Nee SC

ESPN's newsroom has finally been engulfed by its boardroom.

By Josh Zerkle | July 22, 2009; 7:51 AM ET | Comments (1)

ESPN Choked

ESPN made a mistake by pretending that the allegations that Roethlisberger sexually assaulted a woman weren't worthy of a report.

By Kent Babb | July 22, 2009; 7:05 AM ET | Comments (0)

ESPN Irresponsible

If the World Wide Leader in Sports has room to cover Michael Irvin's reality TV show, then they should have room to run something on Big Ben's lawsuit.

By Joe Reedy | July 22, 2009; 6:57 AM ET | Comments (0)

ESPN Is Like Madonna

Back in the day they were both hip, but thirty years later they are talking with strange accents and disconnected from the general public.

By Robert Littal | July 22, 2009; 6:50 AM ET | Comments (9)

New Jounalism Changed The Story

I'm more interested in how the media handles this story than the extraordinarily murky details of what did or did not happen a year ago in that Lake Tahoe hotel.

By Michael Bean | July 22, 2009; 6:43 AM ET | Comments (0)

Moon Most Underrated

He is the only player to be enshrined in both the CFL and NFL Hall of Fame. He is currently the only black quarterback to be enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame. Like many before him, Warren Moon changed the game. Few, however, changed the college, CFL and NFL landscape along the way.

By Rob Rang | July 20, 2009; 1:35 PM ET | Comments (1)

The Four Horsemen of Longevity

Outside of special teams, here's my top four list for the NFL's Tom Watson Award

By Emil Steiner | July 20, 2009; 1:16 PM ET | Comments (0)

Jerry Rice Hands Down

Jerry Rice is the best player to ever play into his 40's.

By Shawn Zobel | July 20, 2009; 12:16 PM ET | Comments (0)

Full Moon

George Blanda may be widely regarded as the best over-40 football player of all-time, but I'm throwing another candidate into the discussion: Warren Moon.

By Gene Wang | July 20, 2009; 12:07 PM ET | Comments (0)

Two Raiders Lead the List

There are two Oakland Raiders who made perhaps the greatest strides past the age of 40 - George Blanda and Jerry Rice.

By Doug Farrar | July 20, 2009; 8:03 AM ET | Comments (0)

Dig the Fossil

The greatest senior citizen ever to play in the NFL has to be George "the Fossil" Blanda

By Peter Schaffer | July 20, 2009; 7:37 AM ET | Comments (1)

History Lesson

Despite the Bennetts' football career, they are not mindful of the stereotypes that had to be overcome by their predecessors, so in the end they stand for nothing.

By Roman Oben | July 17, 2009; 11:16 AM ET | Comments (1)

The Bennetts' Brand Takes a Dive

YouTube has its power - use it wisely - before diminishing a valued brand with a walk down memory lane in the cotton fields.

By Derede McAlpin | July 16, 2009; 12:59 PM ET | Comments (2)

Integrate the Black Olympics!

The fact that only African Americans were invited to compete in the "Black Olympics" makes me want to puke.

By Emil Steiner | July 16, 2009; 12:58 PM ET | Comments (0)

Awareness Fail

If you want to do racial humor, you have to be very skilled, and you have to know EXACTLY where the line is

By Doug Farrar | July 16, 2009; 10:24 AM ET | Comments (1)

First Rule of Funny. Be Funny.

There wasn't anything remotely offensive in "Black Olympics" other than the complete lack of comedy.

By Dan Levy | July 16, 2009; 9:29 AM ET | Comments (1)

Ignorant or Uplifting?

Does Black Olympics prove that this generation is not haunted by racism, or that it is simply ignorant of history?

By Dawn Knight | July 16, 2009; 8:08 AM ET | Comments (4)

Just Not Funny

If you want a pass on edgy humor, you have to be funny. The "Black Olympics" video isn't humor or satire, it's crap.

By Gene Weingarten | July 16, 2009; 7:41 AM ET | Comments (6)

Ignorance Personified

No African-American with a functioning cerebrum would ever purposely compose such a self-degrading, self-hating piece of tripe and then present it to the world.

By Mike Freeman | July 16, 2009; 7:25 AM ET | Comments (35)

Chinese Olympics

Let's say I did a similar video with Timmy Chang that had chow mein eating, a math-off and dry cleaning, and we called it the Chinese Olympics. Would that be offensive to anyone?

By Gene Wang | July 16, 2009; 5:59 AM ET | Comments (3)

Vick + UFL = Perfect Pair

Whether by design or mere coincidence it appears that the marriage of Michael Vick and the UFL was one made in pigskin heaven.

By Peter Schaffer | July 14, 2009; 1:49 PM ET | Comments (6)

Beckham Meets COPS

The thought of Michael Vick suiting up for the UFL sounds far more like a carnival sideshow attraction than a smart acquisition for a legitimate league.

By Jason Maloni | July 14, 2009; 12:13 PM ET | Comments (5)

A Match Made in Heaven

It's rare to find two puzzle pieces that fit together as well as Michael Vick and the upstart United Football League.

By Dave Choate | July 14, 2009; 10:20 AM ET | Comments (3)

No Such Thing As Bad PR For UFL

No offense to the PETA people (perhaps some offense to the PETA people) but many of them are downright crazy.

By Dan Levy | July 14, 2009; 9:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Vick Buzz Worth Bite?

For brands looking for an edge, Vick just might be that Wow Factor.

By David Carter | July 14, 2009; 9:44 AM ET | Comments (5)

PETA Protest Possible

PETA certainly wouldn't take anything off of the table in terms of protesting the UFL were it to sign Vick.

By Dan Shannon | July 14, 2009; 9:31 AM ET | Comments (15)

Avoid the XFL's Fate

The UFL has to reconcile is just what kind of league it wants to be, and what it wants to accomplish.

By Doug Farrar | July 14, 2009; 9:28 AM ET | Comments (1)

Keep Talking 85

Nothing can stop him from tweeting from the locker room, but a talkative 85 is good for Marvin Lewis and the Bengals.

By Joe Reedy | July 10, 2009; 2:12 PM ET | Comments (1)

Ochocinco Bigger than Bengals

If the league decides to change course and allow handheld devices on the bench during regular season games, it would be disastrous.

By Josh Kirkendall | July 10, 2009; 10:56 AM ET | Comments (0)

Don't Be a Twit

High profile figures can't use such tools frivolously.

By Jason Maloni | July 10, 2009; 9:29 AM ET | Comments (0)

It's All in a Name

It seems most people wish Twitter was called something else.

By Dan Levy | July 10, 2009; 9:22 AM ET | Comments (1)

Catch Before You Tweet

With Houshmandzadeh gone, Chad needs to buckle down, lose the attention deficit, and become the defender's nightmare he used to be.

By Doug Farrar | July 10, 2009; 8:38 AM ET | Comments (0)

Language Barrier

Do we envision supportive tweets from the league's most loquacious 140-character author?

By Jim McCormick | July 10, 2009; 8:14 AM ET | Comments (0)

Trick or Tweet

I would hate to see Twitter turn the NFL into the XFL.

By Peter Schaffer | July 10, 2009; 8:04 AM ET | Comments (0)

Separating Great and Good

Most of our heroes are not larger than life. They are human. And, like us all, they are subject to the worst human failings.

By Liz Clarke | July 9, 2009; 11:27 AM ET | Comments (4)

Athlete Idolatry

Maybe Air Jordan or Air McNair are false idols and we need to be more critical of who deserves the title of hero.

By Dr. Matthew Prowler | July 8, 2009; 5:26 PM ET | Comments (1)

A Family Tragedy

Steve McNair was required to be role model for his four sons. Instead, he lied to his family every time he snuck off to be with this young woman, with his actions and presumably his words.

By Tracee Hamilton | July 8, 2009; 3:33 PM ET | Comments (4)

Some Role Models Cheat

McNair fit into the category of a role model, and although he was unfaithful, that does not erase his hard work, his accomplishments, his generosity, all the good things about him.

By Roman Oben | July 8, 2009; 2:23 PM ET | Comments (25)

Who Needs a Real Hero?

Do I care if Steve McNair, Muhammad Ali or Babe Ruth has an affair? Of course not. What does monogamy have to do with admiration?

By Emil Steiner | July 8, 2009; 1:59 PM ET | Comments (0)

A Hero on the Field

Forget his private life, admire his endurance, his hard work, his rugged character on the field.

By Dan Steinberg | July 8, 2009; 12:39 PM ET | Comments (5)

Affirming the Best in McNair

There was much to admire about Steve McNair, and it would be myopic to overlook his extensive contributions to society because of his martial indiscretion.

By Gene Wang | July 8, 2009; 11:59 AM ET | Comments (2)

What Is a Hero?

We make deals with our heroes and our role models all the time, because sainted perfection is so very difficult to find.

By Doug Farrar | July 8, 2009; 6:19 AM ET | Comments (1)

Not My Hero

This was a tragic situation, but one that Steve McNair seemed to bring upon himself.

By Dan Levy | July 8, 2009; 5:06 AM ET | Comments (7)

More to McNair

Was he perfect? No, but he was absolutely a hero.

By Jimmy Morris | July 8, 2009; 3:53 AM ET | Comments (2)

Heroes Are Humans

The flaws of our role models don't diminish their heroism but rather prove their humanity.

By Peter Schaffer | July 8, 2009; 3:45 AM ET | Comments (3)

Mobile Revolution

McNair's success popularized the scrambling quarterback and opened the door for such players as Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick.

By Emil Steiner | July 6, 2009; 11:40 AM ET | Comments (1)

Tough as They Come

Nothing endears a player more to teammates than persistence through pain, and by that standard, McNair practically had no peer.

By Gene Wang | July 5, 2009; 12:00 PM ET | Comments (2)

A Good Man, Gone Too Soon

What I remember most about Steve McNair was his all-consuming competitiveness.

By Doug Farrar | July 4, 2009; 10:20 PM ET | Comments (5)

Former Coach Remembers

From the first day he came in, you could definitely tell he was a very talented young man.

By Sherman Smith | July 4, 2009; 10:18 PM ET | Comments (0)

Campbell Missing McNair

Jason Campbell: "I'm just devastated. Just in shock right now. "

By Cindy Boren | July 4, 2009; 8:31 PM ET | Comments (0)

McNair Played Tough

This is a sad day for all of us who love the NFL.

By Desmond Bieler | July 4, 2009; 7:35 PM ET | Comments (2)

McNair Dead

Former Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Steve McNair was shot and killed in Nashville, police have confirmed.

By Mark Maske | July 4, 2009; 7:20 PM ET | Comments (0)

Wasted Money Is Funny, But Not When It's Ours

Will the rich get better? It doesn't seem to be the case.

By Dan Levy | July 3, 2009; 4:21 PM ET | Comments (0)

Nelly Knows Best

When I am faced with life's most difficult questions I turn to respected thought leaders who really put things in perspective.

By Jason Maloni | July 3, 2009; 11:29 AM ET | Comments (0)

Win, Earn or Both?

It's important to appreciate that not all owners are obsessed with winning; some are more concerned with making money year over year.

By David Carter | July 3, 2009; 11:13 AM ET | Comments (0)

Winning Starts at Home

Team cohesiveness, solid quarterback play and a stingy defense in December and January aren't based on who owners sign in March.

By Roman Oben | July 3, 2009; 10:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Gotta Spend (Smart) to Win

Teams that don't spend money on talent invariably will not win in the NFL, but it's up to fans to complain.

By Peter Schaffer | July 3, 2009; 10:15 AM ET | Comments (0)

Can't Buy a Championship

In the NFL, it's not the payroll size, but how you use it.

By Dave Halprin | July 3, 2009; 8:26 AM ET | Comments (0)

It's Always Brains Over Bucks

Big money means nothing when it comes to team success.

By Doug Farrar | July 3, 2009; 8:13 AM ET | Comments (0)

More Money Wins

Money can be spent well and spent poorly, but ultimately more money is always better.

By John Morgan | July 3, 2009; 8:12 AM ET | Comments (0)

Offseason Champions

Free spending can't be considered a strategy for winning; instead it must be looked at as a supplement in a larger plan.

By Paul Tenorio | July 3, 2009; 7:57 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Losing Formula

Years of capricious and irresponsible spending are taking their toll, and based on last season's debacle, it doesn't look as if Dallas will extricate itself anytime soon.

By Gene Wang | July 3, 2009; 7:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Don't Rush Stafford

Starting Stafford right now before he is fully developed could be a mistake, no matter how much money Detroit is paying him.

By Shawn Zobel | July 1, 2009; 5:08 PM ET | Comments (0)

Sanchez First

Matthew Stafford may be the most ready, but Sanchez is the most likely to start next year.

By Rob Rang | July 1, 2009; 3:21 PM ET | Comments (0)

Freeman Franchise

Funny thing when you mix 'Tampa Bay Buccaneers' and 'success', they act like oil and water.

By Nick Houllis | July 1, 2009; 12:58 PM ET | Comments (0)

Fans Want Stafford

As much as I want to see Stafford play, my preference is that Culpepper plays well enough to keep him relegated to the bench until 2010.

By Sean Yuille | July 1, 2009; 11:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Systems Will Dictate

I suspect that the Jets will start Sanchez pretty much right away.

By Doug Farrar | July 1, 2009; 10:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

All of Them

The NFL is a copycat league. Let the Wildcat serve as Exhibit A. Exhibit B may well be rookies starting at quarterback.

By Gene Wang | July 1, 2009; 10:37 AM ET | Comments (0)

Sanchez Not Ready

Despite a strong team around him, the Jets might be wiser to let Sanchez sit.

By John Butchko | July 1, 2009; 10:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

Survey Says Sanchez

Which of the three will have the best career is unknown, but Sanchez has the best chance to start this year and be successful.

By Peter Schaffer | July 1, 2009; 10:02 AM ET | Comments (0)

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