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Archive: July 19, 2009 - July 25, 2009

Goodell, Sic Him!

None of the League felons, should ever be allowed to play again, for any reason.

By Cindy Kagan | July 24, 2009; 3:54 PM ET | Comments (26)

Vick Must Show Humility

Goodell should ask Vick if knows what the current unemployment rate is in Hampton Roads.

By Sally Jenkins | July 24, 2009; 3:03 PM ET | Comments (12)

He's Been Punished Enough

Despite the enormous pressure that exists from both sides, I say let the man play.

By Dave Choate | July 24, 2009; 1:38 PM ET | Comments (5)

Goodell Is All Business

Yes, Vick has certainly paid for his actions. Unfortunately for Goodell, not everyone sees it that way

By Sarah Schorno | July 24, 2009; 12:55 PM ET | Comments (3)

Goodell Decides Own Justice

At this point, if Goodell doesn't like your haircut you can probably get two games.

By Dan Levy | July 24, 2009; 12:38 PM ET | Comments (2)

GoodNewz for Vick

Having served his time and jail, Vick has earned the right to petition the NFL for reinstatement.

By Jason Maloni | July 24, 2009; 12:31 PM ET | Comments (2)

Goodell, Don't Play Daddy

No suspension. No punishment. No banishment. Nothing should happen to Michael Vick now that he has finished his 23 month sentence for financing a dog fighting ring.

By Robert Littal | July 24, 2009; 11:57 AM ET | Comments (12)

Time to Forgive

To all the Michael Vick haters, it's time to move on, to forgive and to come to grips with the fact he's going to play in the NFL again.

By Gene Wang | July 24, 2009; 11:49 AM ET | Comments (4)

No RenoGate Yet

It may be a long time before this case enters a Court of Law, but the Court of Public Opinion is already in session.

By Jason Maloni | July 22, 2009; 12:27 PM ET | Comments (2)

ESPN Arrogance?

Big Ben getting in trouble -- for whatever reason -- is news, report it.

By Dan Levy | July 22, 2009; 11:52 AM ET | Comments (5)

ESPN in Bed With NFL

ESPN's lack of Roethlisberger coverage stinks of an "ignore it and it will go away" attitude

By Chris Richardson | July 22, 2009; 10:02 AM ET | Comments (18)

Smart Move, ESPN?

What if ESPN isn't being slippery about this story, just rightfully cautious?

By A.J. Daulerio | July 22, 2009; 9:15 AM ET | Comments (3)

Is No News Good News?

Maybe we need to spend a little less time ranking on the blogosphere and more time making sure our own houses are in order.

By Doug Farrar | July 22, 2009; 8:03 AM ET | Comments (1)

Highlight Jockeys, Nee SC

ESPN's newsroom has finally been engulfed by its boardroom.

By Josh Zerkle | July 22, 2009; 7:51 AM ET | Comments (1)

ESPN Choked

ESPN made a mistake by pretending that the allegations that Roethlisberger sexually assaulted a woman weren't worthy of a report.

By Kent Babb | July 22, 2009; 7:05 AM ET | Comments (0)

ESPN Irresponsible

If the World Wide Leader in Sports has room to cover Michael Irvin's reality TV show, then they should have room to run something on Big Ben's lawsuit.

By Joe Reedy | July 22, 2009; 6:57 AM ET | Comments (0)

ESPN Is Like Madonna

Back in the day they were both hip, but thirty years later they are talking with strange accents and disconnected from the general public.

By Robert Littal | July 22, 2009; 6:50 AM ET | Comments (9)

New Jounalism Changed The Story

I'm more interested in how the media handles this story than the extraordinarily murky details of what did or did not happen a year ago in that Lake Tahoe hotel.

By Michael Bean | July 22, 2009; 6:43 AM ET | Comments (0)

Moon Most Underrated

He is the only player to be enshrined in both the CFL and NFL Hall of Fame. He is currently the only black quarterback to be enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame. Like many before him, Warren Moon changed the game. Few, however, changed the college, CFL and NFL landscape along the way.

By Rob Rang | July 20, 2009; 1:35 PM ET | Comments (1)

The Four Horsemen of Longevity

Outside of special teams, here's my top four list for the NFL's Tom Watson Award

By Emil Steiner | July 20, 2009; 1:16 PM ET | Comments (0)

Jerry Rice Hands Down

Jerry Rice is the best player to ever play into his 40's.

By Shawn Zobel | July 20, 2009; 12:16 PM ET | Comments (0)

Full Moon

George Blanda may be widely regarded as the best over-40 football player of all-time, but I'm throwing another candidate into the discussion: Warren Moon.

By Gene Wang | July 20, 2009; 12:07 PM ET | Comments (0)

Two Raiders Lead the List

There are two Oakland Raiders who made perhaps the greatest strides past the age of 40 - George Blanda and Jerry Rice.

By Doug Farrar | July 20, 2009; 8:03 AM ET | Comments (0)

Dig the Fossil

The greatest senior citizen ever to play in the NFL has to be George "the Fossil" Blanda

By Peter Schaffer | July 20, 2009; 7:37 AM ET | Comments (1)

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