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Awareness Fail


My first thought after watching that video was that Jim Brown needs to get off the collective backs of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, and start educating the Bennett Brothers. To make a video like that for their own personal "enjoyment", well, it takes all kinds, I guess. But to post it on YouTube? I'm just not sure what they were thinking. I know that Martellus wants to be edgy with his humor, and his blog can be very funny at times (though this "Why do black people love chicken" entry now seems like a precursor to something reeeeeally bad), but this did cross the line. Fuzzy Zoeller pretty much saw his career go up in smoke because of such stereotyping (and justifiably so - he deserved every bit of the flak he got), and I don't buy that it's okay if it's black people making fun of black people. Quite the opposite - I think there are kids out there looking up to athletes like the Bennetts, and it can't help that such stereotypes are played up.

If you want to do racial humor, you have to be very skilled, and you have to know EXACTLY where the line is. When Richard Pryor did it, I would laugh like crazy because, well, everything Pryor did was funny, and you knew the meaning behind it. When Mel Brooks took on so many stereotypes in "Blazing Saddles" with what some people would consider wildly crude antics, one was able to see though them to the prejudices he was trying to point out. (Or, perhaps the fact that Pryor co-wrote the script had something to do with it). I don't know if the Bennetts were using those stereotypes because they thought they were pointing out the fallacy of their existence, or because it's safe to so do because such ideas don't exist anymore. Personally, I suspect it's more like the "primitive cultures" bit in "Animal House" - something that was supposed to be funny revealed something far more problematic, and you were wincing when you were supposed to be laughing.

Clearly, these guys need a lesson from someone about the dangers of uploading video. Whatever you put up, that's what you become.

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You ever watch BET? He hasn't violated any rule. Ok, it wasn't all that funny but so what -- he's not Richard Prior so he's not allowed to do a racial segment? Many of the comedians on there aren't any funnier and are much more offensive, and yet are still highly succesful.

Posted by: clay11 | July 16, 2009 11:53 PM

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