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Mackie Shilstone

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The StarCaps Problem


Having worked with three former NFL players, who were suspended for substance abuse violations, I have somewhat of an understanding of the time away from the game and the emotional and physical implications of the suspensions for the players.

I worked on each respective player's performance, conditioning and nutrition program concurrently with their substance abuse rehabilitation program. I have done the same job for similar players in baseball and basketball.

From what I can see, the NFL has a tiered suspension model, based on the number of substance abuse violations. To prevent a player from consideration to the NFL Hall of Fame based on one violation would be a mistake in my mind, especially when the testing criterion for said suspension is still evolving. By that, I am referring to the lack of a recognized test for human growth hormone usage and the appropriate range for acceptable levels.

In addition, with the use of certain nutritional supplements that might be tainted with a prescription medication, such as the recent StarCaps issue, there's a cloud over intended versus unintended use. To hold players accountable to standards that are not clear and require various levels of judicial interpretation seems unfair. Why should testing errors effect a player's reputation for the rest of his life?

On the other hand, if a player was suspended for a year for a substance abuse violation, then such a suspension might need to be consideration in a HOF determination, especially if it was a choice between two players-- one of whom did receive such a suspension during his career.

In short, until the testing, interpretation, and said guidelines are presented in a crystal clear manner to all parties involved, I might err or the side of caution, as to who is in and who is out in Canton.

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