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A Vick-T.O. Hookup?


Michael Vick got his wish on Monday, when Commissioner Roger Goodell cleared him for play by week 6 of the 2009 NFL season. Now that he knows exactly how long it will be until he can be back on the field, the next question is a pretty simple one -- who is he going to play for?

There's been plenty of talk over the last months about that. Recently there are a couple of teams that seem to stick out more than others. Mind you whatever team takes on Vick, is also getting a PR nightmare no one in the league is really prepared for.

So where will he end up? Here's my take on the top four teams that have an inside track at Vick.

|1. Oakland - Yes, I saw Peter King's Tweet today that says he'd be shocked if Vick ends up there, but isn't it just too good of a match? I mean, think of it like the "Bride of Frankenstein," in a car crash. You know it will end badly, but you can't take your eyes off of it. With that, Oakland has to be the top contender for Vick's services.

2. Buffalo - Four months ago I would have never thought it, but suddenly taking on Terrell Owens, the Bills seem to be ready to take outlandish chances to reach the next level. Some even say that T.O. telling Roger Goodell not to suspend Vick any further, spells a possible connection in Western NY.

3. San Francisco - The 'Niners have what - five QB's? In reality though they don't have have squat, and that's the issue. Alex Smith is damaged goods, and Shaun Hill is not a long-term answer, so while they look for a franchise guy, why not take a shot at putting Vick under center and seeing what he can do. Vick and Mike Singletary is quite an interesting fit to say the least.

4. Miami - It was shown last year that the Fins love to run that "Wildcat" offense, so Vick is a possible fit there. The team already has one player that is very good at running it - Ronnie Brown, but Vick along with rookie Pat White would make Miami one tough team to get ready for week in and week out.

So where does he end up after really thinking all this though - I'll say the Bills. He and T.O. already seem to have that bond for some reason, and the crowds at Bills training camp are only going to get larger if Vick arrives there ready to play ball again.

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Since when can't a "convicted felon" work? If a person is qualified for a job and an employer wants to hire that person then the only question should be how much are you willing to pay.

Michael Vick should get a chance to play. If he is good enough to play in the NFL after a two year layoff he will stick. If he is not good enough he will get cut.

As for the fans they are fickle at best.

Posted by: jimarush | July 28, 2009 8:12 AM

He can work alot of places just not in pro football. I cannot believe any NFL owner would be stupid enough to sign a PR nightmare like Vick. My guess is that the NFL team that signs this guy will lose 15 percent of its audience. I wonder if there are any child molester free agents available?

Posted by: Gille002 | July 29, 2009 7:01 PM

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