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A Match Made in Heaven


It's rare to find two puzzle pieces that fit together as well as Michael Vick and the upstart United Football League.

As an Atlanta Falcons fan, I spent years watching Vick immortalize himself on highlight reels and Sports Center replays. The talent was always there, and he proved to be a significant draw for a fanbase that has a reputation for being disinterested. Like so many first round picks in the NFL, however, he never really delivered on his vast potential. With his career and his fortunes in shambles following a prison sentence, the daily joy and frustration that came from watching Vick find his way is long over. He'll never be a Falcon again, and after his swirling vortex of problems dragged the franchise down with him for a time, there are relatively few who are mourning.

Yet Vick is a free man. If the NFL persists in its stubborn efforts to keep him out of the league, he'll have to play football somewhere. It's what he knows. Any team that signed him would receive an instant shot in the arm in attendance and controversy, the former a craving each franchise makes no effort to hide and the latter a stumbling block. If the league shuts down his comeback effort, he'll need to find a place that will welcome both sides of the Vick coin: the missile-launching arm, the dazzling smile and the legendary scrambling, as well as the reputation as an uncoachable quarterback, the legal woes and the lingering question of the shape he'll be in after prison.

Hello, UFL.

For a league that brightly proclaims to be the home of future stars, the UFL is set up to be the shantytown of retreads. Very few of the players who will end up in the league this year have been successes at the NFL level, but many will view it as a chance to rehabilitate their value. The UFL needs a face and a marketable star immediately as it goes up against the titan that is the NFL. Vick would fit that need potentially, and it's not a great stretch to imagine that he might become the biggest and perhaps only star they've got.

It's a natural fit, and I find myself rooting for it to happen. Every new idea deserves a chance. Every human being deserves a shot at redemption. With the marriage of Vick and the UFL, we'll get a chance to see a human drama unfold alongside the football games. If the quality of play matches that, this league might just have a chance.

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I really don't care what Mr. Vick does with himself. Dollars-to-donuts he will be returning to jail, though!

Posted by: wcmillionairre | July 14, 2009 4:10 PM

BOO HOO HOO...Oh how humble Vick is now - because he got Caught!... Just like the piddy file who has no conscience until they get caught... or the murderer who has no thought about what they do, until they get caught, etc., etc....

He knew exactly what he was doing and he knew that it was wrong. These innocent helpless animals DIED slow and painfully because some sick freak liked to watch them.

There's NO HOPE for this monster. He can apologize, look sad and say all the right things, in the hopes of salvaging what's left of his pathetic life, but reality is that he is has shown he has serious issues.

Bad Nez Kennels would be fighting and killing dogs TODAY if he hadn't been caught!! Does anyone really believe that Vick would have suddenly come forward to admit guilt for his part in the dogfighting business and killing of those animals, and spoke out against dogfighting if he wasn't caught red-handed???

If he has such a conscience, why did it go on for so many years, and was stopped ONLY when he got caught. Vick is done as far as I'm matter what he does now. The damage is done!!!

Posted by: Rubiconski | July 15, 2009 4:56 AM

"... If the NFL persists in its stubborn efforts to keep him out of the league, ..."? Let UFL and Vick stay in Mr. Choate's heaven. They deserve each other (maybe not UFL so much).

Vick's missile-launching arms? Maybe Iran or North Korea can use him. His might be more accurate than their rockets.

This world does not need more of Vick's kind of talent. We need talent for technological breakthroughs that can help us beat global warming, world hunger, etc.

Posted by: KT11 | July 27, 2009 12:54 PM

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