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Vick + UFL = Perfect Pair


Whether by design or mere coincidence it appears that the marriage of Michael Vick and the UFL was one made in pigskin heaven. As we edge closer to both the commencement of NFL training camps, in late July, and the first season of the United Football League, in middle of September, it is looking more and more like Vick will be the starting quarterback for the Orlando Franchise of the UFL. Both entities will be better off if it happens.

Very simply there are three reasons why Vick should play in the UFL this fall

He has earned the right for a second chance;
He is very talented and
He can draw fans and create interest to the league.

There's a need for more football - for fans, for players looking for work and for cities without NFL franchises. The multi million-dollar question is whether the UFL can succeed where the USFL, XFL and the World League of Football failed.

So far things are looking good. They have hired high profile, experienced head coaches (Jim Haslett, Denny Green, and Jim Faasel). They realize that there is a litany of talented former NFL players right now unemployed with name recognition and talent to build their rosters and they are keeping costs down by imposing strict salary caps and equitable spending by teams.

The wildcard success nugget for the UFL is the potential impending doom of a NFL labor lock out after the 2010 season. The UFL might just luck into being the best football around if that happens. At that point it will have 2 years of experience and track record behind it, and be in a position to fill the football void.

For this to work though, the UFL needs as much star power as it can attain, some intrigue, some flash and of course some exciting plays and games. The reality is that the UFL cannot afford the top super stars of the NFL. Only players with the dreaded asterisks after their names will desire to play for the relative small wages and quarter filled stadiums of the new league. Players such as Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress, Jeff George, Koren Robinson etc.

This is where Vick comes into the picture. He has paid his debt to society and so long as he properly and honesty shows actual remorse and accepts responsibility for his past actions, deserves a second chance at having a career as a professional football player. A successful season in the UFL, both on and off of the field, will position him for a true second chance in the NFL.

From a football prospective, play in the UFL's first season will mirror the now extinct NFLE with defensives more advanced and talented offensives. Thus there will be a need for mobile quarterbacks and a "wildcat" type of offensive scheme. Michael Vick might be the most infamous and/or notorious of the available quarterbacks to run such an offense; which makes him the perfect fit for the inaugural season of the UFL.

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Playing in this Bush League would be an insult. The pathetic racist hate for Mike Vick stinks!! Hide behind the dogs all you want, it's the fact that this guy was a hip hop Gen X style QB that didn't get the love from Madison Avenue like one would expect.

Now, it's the damn dogs again. Forget the dogs and worry about people. Vick is a person who paid his debt. His price was way too high but, when it comes to Black Athletes, Money, and the paying fans(White folks), you get this attitude that reeks racism.

The Bush League proposal is an insult. Dude should be cleared by Goddell and back in the NFL playing for whomever.

Some people in this country love friggin dogs more than people. They need to get a life!!

Posted by: kentonsmith | July 14, 2009 2:31 PM

btw......NFL Crimewatch is a racist concept. Shame on you!!

Posted by: kentonsmith | July 14, 2009 2:36 PM

Martha Stewart did crime, still working, Marv Albert did crime, still working, M. Vick did a crime........

Posted by: billscott4 | July 15, 2009 12:00 AM

Let him play...

Posted by: jacques_lamarre | July 15, 2009 7:03 AM

I think the question of whether Michael Vick can even physically perform at the NFL level is in doubt. Most people seem to forget that before his legal woes began, the 2007 season was shaping up as a "make or break" year for Vick, at least in Atlanta. His performance on the field did not live up to the superstar status he enjoyed in the media (or his marketing prowess).

After two years in prison, even if he is in shape-- he hasn't been playing football and he's older (soon to turn thirty). In fact, he's at an age where most QBs start to see their skills taper off, and if they continue to be successful, they do so more with experience and intellect. No offense to Mike, but-- he has neither of these in spades.

The new league may be his best option, not only for one year, but for the longterm. I really wonder if he could ever play QB in the NFL effectively again. He may have been headed for early back-up status in 2-3 years as it was if he hadn't gone to jail.

Posted by: gadstian | July 15, 2009 11:00 AM

yeah, kenton, some of us do care more about dogs than humans - or some humans, anyway.

and your "racism" arguments are total crap. plenty of animal abusers are white, and they derserve no less punishment than Vick.

but you just keep defending him with your "they're just dogs" nonsense, and maybe one day you'll open your eyes beyond the racism garbage.

Posted by: obx2004 | July 15, 2009 3:05 PM

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