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Dan Shannon

Assistant Director of Campaigns People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

PETA Protest Possible


First of all this seems like a publicity stunt. From PETA's perspective we don't think Michael Vick has earned the privilege of being a role model for children, even in an up and coming league like the UFL.

To reward his behavior sends the wrong message to young people about cruelty towards animals. We agree that he has served his debt to society legally, but private organizations like the NFL and the UFL have the power to decide if he does or doesn't meet their standards. In PETA's opinion he doesn't meet the standards for having a higher profile job. Most people who get convicted of felonies don't get to keep their jobs.

We commend Roger Goodell on his vigilant stance on this issue. The NFL commissioner has stated that he must see strong signs of remorse from the quarterback if he wants to play. We hope the UFL will hold that same standard of remorse as a precondition for playing. This begs the obvious question though of how can you tell?

We at PETA recommend the NFL give Vick a full battery of psychological testing as a precondition to play and we would encourage UFL to take a similar course before signing him. At PETA, we talked to a couple of psychiatrists who felt, based on what they knew about Vick, that he had Antisocial Personality Disorder. This was not only based on his actions, but his chronic dishonesty -- he lied to everyone, just about, until police uncovered evidence.

While we may empathize with a genuine psychiatric condition like ASPD, someone who truly doesn't understand what's wrong with electrocuting dogs or hanging dogs from trees because they unperformed in the ring, should not be put into a position where he can be a role model.

Although The UFL would certainly gain attention by signing Vick we would remind them that this is not a person who deserves to be rewarded for his actions. And PETA certainly wouldn't take anything off of the table in terms of protesting the UFL were it to sign Vick.

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I'm a social liberal and I think PETA is absolutely nuts. "In PETA's opinion he doesn't meet the standards for having a higher profile job. " Well these are the same clowns who seriously suggested that we have human breast milk ice cream instead of cow's milk. The ones who donated to the cause of "schmeat" which is artificially grown meat. Wow, Looney Tunes doesn't begin to describe this group. So forgive everyone else in America if they take PETA's input with a grain of salt.

Also the description that felons don't usually get to keep their job is dishonest. QB in NFL != QB in UFL. Besides the fact that he wasn't in prison for game fixing or something related to his job; so if he paid his debt to society via jail time it is up to the organization to rehire him based on his QB skill set and not his PR draw.....if the leagues are more interested in the sport than publicity of course.

I don't want to see him wearing a NFL Jersey ever again, but I wouldn't protest outside the stadium if some team decided they wanted him to play for them. That's just childish.

Posted by: theobserver4 | July 14, 2009 11:10 AM

Well said by the previous commenter, with the xception that I could care less whether Vick wears an NFL jersey again or not!

If he's paid his legal debt, than let him alone and let him live. To use tha analogy that "most people who get convicted of felonies don't get to keep their jobs" lends to ignorance. for this same reason, most convicted felons are 3 times as likely to commit those same crimes because of their inability to become productive wage-earning members of society because of their previous crimes. These same "people" still have children and other family that needs to be taken care of.

Thus, Dan Shannon needs to think about that in the unfortunate event that a convicted felon is sitting in his living room, waiting to rid him of his money and other belongings b/c he's not able to work, even after paying his legal debt!

Posted by: delfranklin4 | July 14, 2009 1:53 PM

The only good thing I can say about PETA is race never enters their minds. I can respect that. But, give it a break. Stop using Mike Vick for YOUR cause. Remember, everyone doesn't love animals like PETA members. Thank God!! Somebody has got to love children,..embrace culture...reach out to help his fellow man and put "pets" in their proper perspective. I think PETA people have serious mental issues. For you to expect Mike Vick to repent to you guys like you're God or a worthwhile cause is crazy. We have too many sick and starving Humans on this planet to be obsessed with friggin pooches.

Stop exploiting Vick for your causes. If I were Vick I wouldn't apologize anymore for anything. Ones' past incarceration should be a private ordeal. If he wants to put it behind him that's fine. Let him do that. Love all races.....teach a kid to read and leave those animals alone. What is it a power...owner...and control thingy? Vick has paid his dues. PETA is NOT bigger than the US Govt or God.

Frankly...most Americans HATE your organization. You have set back activist organization years with your fanatic behavior. Mental stability comes to mind whenever one says they are a PETA member. Seriously.

Posted by: kentonsmith | July 14, 2009 3:21 PM

I can't believe some of you think he should be banned for life behind dogfighting. Dogs man...friggin dogs!! We abuse animals in this country all the time. Our Zoo's, pony rides, on urban streets, pet stores. All of these situations are unnatural to the animal. We have horse racing, dog racing, dog shows, unnatural breedings, etc,etc.

Why would someone think Vick should not play ever again in life over friggin dogs? Dogs aren't people. Dogs are animals and we treat animals differently than we do humans. Personally I just think whites find joy in watching a football players career in. Look at this website. "NFL Crime Watch". ??? It's so really is. I've never seen sports treated this way. It's envy of Black athletes.

Posted by: kentonsmith | July 14, 2009 3:30 PM

PETA needs to get over themselves. Michael Vick has paid his debt to society and that's all is required of him. He does not have to do pennance or be unemployed because some organization says so. The NFL commisioner is coward. I guess he doesn't want PETA to 'red paint' his organization's headquarters.
With all those people who were arrested recently for dog fighting what is PETA going to do find their employers and pressure them to fire them.
The people in PETA are a bunch of bullies

Posted by: clarendon67 | July 14, 2009 7:12 PM

KENTONSMITH - You actually think it's all right to abuse animals? You must be one of those who think dog fighting is a cultural right. The same ones that thought slavery was right too I bet! I hold you in intellectual contempt!!!

Posted by: keepwastingmoney | July 14, 2009 7:28 PM

Or we could just stick with the facts...

Michael Vick was not convicted on State dogfighting charges, nor was he convicted for animal cruelty. He was sent to prison for running and financing an illegal interstate gambling operation.

The fact that he has been convicted for illegal gambling should rule out role for him in any professional sports.

Posted by: itsthedax | July 14, 2009 8:27 PM

PETA actually had people dressed up as Klansman, effectively comparing dogs to HUMAN BEINGS.....screw peta! Goodell would be crazy to listen to a bunch of knuckledraggers that dont patronize the NFL in the first place.

Posted by: mlrice710 | July 14, 2009 9:37 PM

Notice how much attention PETA has given the guy down in south Florida that was going around skinning and posing people's pet cats. How much attention has PETA given to the firefighter that killed his two dogs because he didnt want to pay to board them while he went on a cruise..then bragged about it to his co-workers. Where was PETA in regards to the woman that had her pet dog shot up and then she skinned the dog to make a belt....oh that's right. They cant use any of those people to exploit for contributions..contributions that go to what exactly since PETA routinely KILLS EVERY ANIMAL IN ITS CARE??

Posted by: mlrice710 | July 14, 2009 9:40 PM

I'm betting there are WAY more dog lovers than football fans in this country.

Why do you think his sponsors dropped him like the Plague?

For every supporter of vick 10,000 HATE his killer azz!

That is what is great about America, there are SO MANY horrific issues that we may choose the one(s) we feel the most compassion for. Need we be reminded that animal abuse starts and usually ends up with child abuse and then murder?

Posted by: Rubiconski | July 15, 2009 4:52 AM

I think PETA should try going after all the other dog killers out here and they were on the news but nothing never happen to them but becaue Vick is so well known PETA is taking this to far.

Posted by: deborahrideout | July 15, 2009 7:35 AM

PETA...please....go home!!!!

PETA would have a valid argument IF AND ONLY IF Vick got out of serving time.

He did the crime. He was punished. Now he (as a man) has the right to earn a living with his craft.

I'm pretty sure some of these representatives of PETA have children. If a child broke a rule and they punished the child for that, would they stop the child from going to school and better themselves?

PETA is trying to get attention.

Posted by: BigSmooov | July 15, 2009 9:38 AM

kentonsmith - your argument is so blatantly ridiculous that it is hardly worth replying to.

"friggin dogs"? Do you ever look around you and see the sheer number of people in this country whose love for their dogs and cats are tantamount to one's love for their children? You seriously don't get that?

And if that's how you truly feel, do every dog in this country a huge favour and NEVER adopt one.

And the "black athlete" thing? Just a statement from someone who has no rationale to defend their argument.

Posted by: obx2004 | July 15, 2009 10:26 AM

Let me know where to protest and I'll sign up!

Posted by: AdventurerVA | July 15, 2009 11:24 AM

Kentonsmith: "... Somebody has got to love children,..embrace culture...reach out to help his fellow man and put "pets" in their proper perspective." -- You might be "horrified" to know that close to 20%, and increasing, of your "loved" teenage children are staying away from eating meat altogether. Apparently these "nuts" don't particularly care as much about your kind of "love" culture.

Posted by: KT11 | July 27, 2009 11:41 AM

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