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There's a Bunch, but One Brady


I am known for going against the grain but this is a no brainer:

Tom Brady

Peyton Manning may have flashy numbers, but is known for his collar getting a little tight in pressure situations. Drew Brees is an outstanding quarterback, but hasn't shown he can win a game in the playoffs. Donovan McNabb is more likely to leave his "Chunky Soup" on the field than lead a 4th quarter comeback when it matters. Brett Favre could be turned in for "Cash for Clunkers" at any moment. Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselbeck and Eli Manning all have had their moments, but none are consistent enough that I would feel comfortable with them leading my team.

All Quarterbacks in my eyes are judged on how they compare to Joe Montana. Montana never had the strongest arm, he was athletic but not "Steve Young" athletic and you looked at him sometimes and wondered how he was even a QB. But he had an "it" factor in the huddle, in the pocket and in the locker room that couldn't be taught.

Too many GMs and scouts get caught up on the physical aspects of being a QB when it is the mental that separates the bad from the good, the good from the great and the great from the legendary. Tom Brady has "it" since Drew Bledsoe was "Wally Pipped".

I know if I plugged Tom Brady into any team, that team would automatically be better, not just by what he does on the field, but what he does in the locker room as well. There is a reason QBs are paid more than anyone else in the NFL. A great one makes a franchise, a bad one destroys a franchise. Just ask the Patriots. How much of a genius was Bill Belichick before Brady stepped on the field?

So if you starting team and not picking Brady #1 we have a new name for you. You are officially known as a Matt Millen.

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There's a bunch but only one Brady? HarHar...Good one. Not.

Posted by: equ28 | August 31, 2009 9:04 AM

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