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Favre Helps Vikes


It was only a matter of time before Brett Favre changed his mind and decided to play football again. And when he did, Brad Childress was going to be there with open arms and a tear in his eye.

It's difficult to react to news like this. Favre is a legend and even though he's about to don the purple and white this season, Packer fans won't forget what he meant to Green Bay. But as a football fan, I can't help but think about how ridiculous this entire situation is and how the Vikings could put a single player above an entire team.

Minnesota traded for Sage Rosenfels earlier this offseason so he could compete with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting quarterback gig. Then they proceeded to put both Rosenfels and Jackson on hold while they flirted with Favre all summer, only to once again tell the two quarterbacks that it's their job to lose when #4 said, in late July, that he would remain retired. Rosenfels then went out and completed 10-of-13 passes for 91 yards in Minnesota's preseason opener last week and essentially put a stranglehold on the job, only to learn days later that he'll once again have to take a back seat to Favre.

I get it -- Rosenfels is a 31-year-old journeyman quarterback and Favre is a legend. He should take a backseat to Favre. But this was still a slap in the face of Rosenfels (and Jackson for that matter), who put in the work during training camp while Favre waited to sign until after training camp was over.

Favre didn't need the extra reps that he would have gotten in camp (he already knows Childress's offense like the back of his hand), but one would think that he would have signed earlier in order to workout with his teammates and get accustomed to his new receivers. He looks like a prima donna and Childress is gutless for allowing Brett to dictate when he showed up to play.

That said, from a pure football standpoint, Favre makes the Vikings better. This was a team that made the playoffs last year with Jackson and Gus Frerotte (the same Gus Frerotte who is currently unemployed) at quarterback. They have a solid offensive line, the best run-stuffing defense in the league and a dynamic running back in Adrian Peterson. They also drafted a playmaker in Percy Harvin.

Everyone likes to dump on Favre because of how he finished the season last year, but don't forget that he led the Jets to an 8-3 start and was even being considered as an MVP candidate after beating the undefeated Titans in Week 12. At that point (and before he started dealing with arm issues), he threw for 2,280 yards and 20 touchdowns through 11 games. Granted, he also threw 13 interceptions to that point, but interceptions are nothing new to Brett's game.

Favre's health will be the biggest factor in whether or not this marriage with the Vikings will be successful and unfortunately injuries are impossible to predict. Even if he does lead Minnesota to the playoffs, he could still have one of his infamous six-interception games and sink them in the end. But the Vikings are obviously willing to take that risk, especially on a quarterback that already knows the offense and that has enough talent around him that he won't have to win games on his own.

The fan in me is outraged about how this situation was handled by Childress and Favre. But the analyst in me can't help but wonder if this signing could put the Vikings in the Super Bowl.

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Favre is a pro. He is allowed to earn a living as long as he can or wants. That he may help the Vikings is immaterial. It is his right to earn a paycheck.

Posted by: gkchari | August 18, 2009 5:44 PM

In the most literal sense, yes, you would be correct GKCHARI - he does deserve to earn a living, as does everyone else.

That said, I think it's still an interesting topic worthy of debate don't you?

Posted by: AnthonyStalter | August 18, 2009 7:15 PM

A disscusion at lunch today about Farve ended this way: "After all the back and forth I forgot his Packer years already" and that's the story. We are forgetting what he was in Green Bay, we saw him linger and come back as a Jet who finally got hurt and now he's a Viking?

Not one Green Bay Fan is happy about this and he will see it when they play..This is a guy still pissed that he didn't get a contract in Green Bay and I think they were right....

Posted by: D-Man1 | August 18, 2009 8:35 PM

Folks, whether or not Favre's joining the Vikings tarnishes his reputation in the short term is of little importance. Favre's exceptional performance over the entire course of his career, both on and off the field, is the reason he is a historical figure, and joining the Vikings is just an opportunity to add to an already impressive resume.

Posted by: mercygirl04 | August 18, 2009 10:02 PM

Favre will make an already dangerous team a Super Bowl contender-period. Plus, he will cause an incredible amount of pain for Packers-bruhahahahahahahah!!!!

Posted by: rallyquest | August 18, 2009 10:19 PM

As a Jet fan I was very happy when he came to the Jets, but I always had it in the back of my head that it would only be for 1 year since the Packers would not trade him within the division. In his post football career, when he really retires, he should go into acting......he's got an awesome poker face!

At least he got Mangini fired, so that was a good thing!

Posted by: Mark_Connecticut | August 19, 2009 8:00 AM

I have been a Vikings fan since the days of Joe Kapp, and as much as I have hated the back and forth on the retirement bit, I really believe that Brett Favre will make the Vikings better. I don't expect him to be spectacular, but he is a huge improvement over T-Jack and Sage.
At least now when the Vikings face a third and nine situation, Favre will actually try to throw the ball past the first down marker rather than throw a three yard pass as T-Jack would almost always do.

Favre has a very talented team surrounding him this year. The offense doesn't totally depend on Brett's throws. With Peterson and Taylor in the backfield, the addition of Harvin and a stud defensive unit, I expect to have fun watching the Vikings play this year.

Posted by: blbower | August 19, 2009 10:22 AM

Favre was a fantastic but erratic QB in his prime. He's no longer in his prime and I don't think he will make the Vikings significantly better. They'd better get off to a good start because this thing will blow up very, very quickly if things don't go well. In my view this move will set the Vikings back a few years without having much to show for. I don't begrudge Favre's actions, it's just that I wouldn't have brought him into my organization at this stage. But then again, the difference between Childress and myself is that he's an NFL head coach and I am not.

Posted by: mburix | August 19, 2009 11:11 AM

Anthony...excellent blog. The Vikings are making a deal with the devil and should realize when Favre retires again next season, they are starting from ground zero. Does he make the Vikings that much better? He may get them to the playoffs, but like all but one season in his career, he won't be bringing home the Lombardi trophy. Yes Packer fans, and John Madden, your golden boy only won one ring (thank you Desmond Howard), not 10. Or, the same number as Trent Dilfer.

Never before has such a big deal been made over a one-time champion.

Posted by: 18andDONE | August 19, 2009 3:31 PM

ITA with 18. I hope the Vikings do well because they have paid a terrible price. If the moves by the coaches, head office & Brett haven't undermined the team, then it says a lot about quality of other members (considering how they've been treated through all of this). The Vikings are now sort of the NASCAR of football teams to me, people will watch just to see when the crash is going to happen. Come on a QB with a scarred rotater throwing arm and 260+ games behind him is a lot to put on a 40 y.o. body.

Posted by: zhane202 | August 19, 2009 4:10 PM

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