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Ban Him For Life


The NFL has to, at some point, step in and determine where the line is going to be drawn about allowing players to be a part of the league.

There's a black eye already for players that drive while drunk, carry guns, and cause other legal issues off the field. Killing someone while driving drunk to me points to a harsh enough crime where the NFL should soundly step in and say "enough is enough," and not allow that player to be a part of the league.

The league has enough on its plate with players like Adam Jones and Mike Vick, they don't need to have to answer questions to allow players like Donte' Stallworth back in the league, he should be banned for life.

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I disagree on the ban for life...He admitted his wrong and faced the music. He made a mistake and broke the law and tragedy ensued. Do you think every dui offender should be banned for life? Or just ones who have dui manslaughter? Someone like Vicks who intentionally and knowingly broke the law and did so not just as a one time thing imo is the worse offense and the justice system agreed. He got less of a suspension than donte, but that is only fair as he was in jail for a long amount of time in which he could not play in the NFL. Donte could have played in the NFL had the NFL not suspended him for the year. I like the year suspension as it shows that the NFL won't tolerate such behavior but to ban him for life would tell players that if you get in similar situation, you best run from owning up to it because you won't be welcomed back even if you server your time.

Posted by: JBUD | August 18, 2009 4:55 PM

IMO, it would open the league to a lawsuit to begin with. 2ndly I think he served his time and was punished and should not be unduly punished more. The year suspension is deserved and just. He shouldn't have been drinking and driving. Drinking and driving is what led to the vehicular manslaughter..and the person that died was in fact violating the law also by jaywalking. So i don't think banning him on the merits of what happened is fair. I think those wanting to ban him are wanting to ban him for other reasons, like Mike Vicks, who had criminal neglect in the very least for his dog fights. He is more responsible and deserving of more discipline by the league had he not been so severely disciplined already by our government. Now that Vicks did the time, I think their policy on him is fair and just.

Posted by: JBUD | August 18, 2009 5:11 PM

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