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Who Will Blink? U2


Forget for a second who will blink first, Jerry Jones or Roger Goodell. We'll get to that.

What I want to know is: who in the world builds a 1.1 billion dollar stadium and puts the largest scoreboard in the history of the world above the field that costs TWO MILLION DOLLARS to raise up? I'm sure the cables and whatever machines they have suspending that monstrosity in the air cost a lot of money, but two million bucks?

And aren't we talking about just a few feet, anyway? It seems that U2 is willing to pay the money to raise the board for their concert. (How big is their stage?) Perhaps the question should be: who will blink first, Jones or Bono?

Lets inspect this idea for a second. If the scoreboard really costs two million bucks to raise a few feet -- and don't think that price wasn't just thrown out of mid-air by the Dallas operations people when U2 asked for the board to be raised -- why would Jones pay for it himself when the band has already agreed to do it? For a band like U2, two million is a drop in the bucket (even if it could account for nearly 25% of their ticket sales for the night) so why not factor that cost into the settlement price between the stadium and band? It's only a few weeks, after all.

If you do the math -- and you believe it actually costs two million bucks to raise the board -- it's actually a net loss of four million for Jones. If Goodell makes the Cowboys raise the board before the season, the money will come out of his pocket, which means two million there, added on to the two million he'd lose from U2 no longer needed the board to be raised.

At the very least, part of that two million that U2 has been asked to spend had to include raising the board, and lowering the board back down, so already Jones will be out some, if not all, of the money U2 has agreed to pay. (Again, how big could this stage be?)

Jerry Jones is a lot of things, but he ain't stupid...especially when it comes to money. My guess is Goodell will blink first, let the Cowboys play a few games with the current set up and see if another punt hits the board. If so, they'll have to do something quickly, as balls careening off a scoreboard cannot be safe. With the recent lawsuits over the Cowboys practice facility, the last thing Jones needs is another headache where scoreboard shrapnel starts hitting players -- or worse, fans.

If the NFL and Cowboys have their way, they'll play two games without incident and let U2 pay the money to have the board raised. Then, one would suspect, they'll "lower" the board back to its "original" location, per the agreement with the band, and hope nobody from the tour comes back with a giant tape measure.

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I am not sure of its size, but I do know that the U2 stage is the largest that any band has ever toured with.

Posted by: staxnet | August 27, 2009 9:02 AM

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