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I didn't put much stock in the 60 Minutes interview of Michael Vick, and I can't understand why so many other people did. I also can't understand the extreme levels of hate and anger people harbor towards Vick. Yes he was wrong, yes he's an idiot, but he did serve his time and people shouldn't resent him the same way they would Charles Manson or Ted Bundy.

As far as the interview specifically, here's a guy who went from the top of the world to rock bottom. He just spent nearly two years in prison. How do you think he's going to sound, cocky, unremorseful? Of course he's going to apologize and say the right things -- he has to kiss the ass of society now. What bothers me is that people are taking it upon themselves to judge the man and determine how "genuine" or "sorry" he really was for his actions. Vick's only sorry because he got caught and because his freedom was taken away.

The only revelation in the interview I considered significant was when Vick admitted he was lazy with the Falcons. In my experience, we're always told how hard every athlete works and how they all study film extensively. That was the first time I ever remember an athlete straight up saying he was the last one in the building and first one out. No wonder the guy never improved his first several years in the league.

For the Eagles, I view the move as low-risk/high-reward. Vick can come in there as an offensive specialist in wildcat/options formations and get key first downs for them. Andy Reid gets to rehab his image of being the father of delinquent children and prove he believes in second chances. And by having Vick for a second year, they also get a trade chip after the season. The one person I can't understand is Jeffrey Lurie. Two years ago he says he would never have a Michael Vick-type on his team, but now that they need a better backup quarterback he says OK. What a hypocrite.

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What Vick did is unforgivable. He is a sick individual and a danger to society. He should be mentally diagnosed then sentenced to a loony farm for life. Paid his debt to society...laughable.

Posted by: Rubiconski | August 17, 2009 4:58 PM

Vick interview provokes howls of protest.


Posted by: MikeLicht | August 17, 2009 6:51 PM

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