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Dungy or Young Jeezy?


As Michael Vick waits for a team to offer him a contract he's being mentored by a man that will help him get his life on the right path if he truly wants to. Granted, the NFL mandated that Vick accept Tony Dungy as a mentor as part of his conditional reinstatement to the league, but regardless of how the arrangement was brought it should benefit Michael Vick

It's hard to think of a better person to work with Michael than Tony Dungy. When he coached, Dungy led his teams without yelling and cussing and commanded the respect of his players. Dungy's strong belief in the word of God doesn't mean Vick will become a choirboy, but their talks can lead to better decision making by Michael. And having Dungy in his corner has to be good for a guy that probably feels like the world is against him.

At the end of the day, all Dungy can do is talk to Michael Vick and help get him through the door of an NFL team. What Ookie chooses to do from there is on him. Is he going to work and study hard and become a starter again? Will he become complacent after signing with a team? And how will Michael spend his time away from football? Off the field distractions were the root of most of his previous problems.

There's a video making the rounds of Vick chilling with the rapper Young Jeezy. Nothing criminal happens, but I doubt it's the kind of environment Tony Dungy envisioned for Michael. They say there's a time and place for everything, although a couple of weeks past being conditionally reinstated isn't the time to "keep it hood." I thought Mike would lay low, and the first we'd see of him would be at a press conference when he signed with a team. Instead, we see Vick in the type of non-football situation that we were seeing him in before the dogfighting problems.

Having a man like Tony Dungy to lean on is great, but Dungy can only lead the proverbial horse to water. All of the good intentions in the world can't change a person that isn't open to the change. Michael Vick could talk to Tony Dungy, the Pope, and Tim Tebow everyday, but his actions, not his words, will determine his future. Hopefully Vick takes the words of Tony Dungy to heart and leaves his negative habits behind. If not, he'll be watching football on Sundays from the stands and not the sidelines.

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I think the real test for Michael Vick will be in how he conducts himself regardless of the company he keeps. If he can be around the likes of young whoever, and still conduct himself as a decent human being, more power to him. Time will tell.

Posted by: OHREALLYNOW | August 11, 2009 2:00 PM

In my honest opinion, I think that the thing that should be affecting our judgement of this man is the fact that he sponsored and took part in illegal, cruel dog fighting.

""Nothing criminal happens, but I doubt it's the kind of environment Tony Dungy envisioned for Michael"" Why do you doubt that?

Is Michael "Keeping it hood" because he's hanging out with a rapper? Would the same comments be made if Vick was hanging out with a white rapper?

I think that we as nation need to stand together a little more firmly on this issue, and I know that I will not watch any game that has Michael Vick in it. Ever.

I'm disgusted that the NFL is willing to allow someone who victimizes defenseless creatures that have no way of defending themselves back into their organization. It is despicable.

Posted by: JerimiahJacobson | August 11, 2009 2:07 PM

People kill me saying if Michael Vick plays they will never watch another game, goodbye, you really dont think you are fooling anybody PETA, you post the same thing over and over. Who cares dont watch the games. Anyways don't you think you should be out taking a bite out of dogfighting since you are so adamant about people not being able to make a living if they do. Stop fronting and pretending, and if you really don't watch oh well who cares. You need to get a life and move on and you so called journalist need to stop trying to watch everything this man does. I would love to see what half you losers get caught doing in a manner of a week and I guarantee you, it would be sick and ugly. Stop the hating and move on as this man has moved on.

Posted by: juliamalibu | August 11, 2009 8:30 PM

Poor sad souls who condemn a person for a life will find only misery themselves. He who dedicates himself to making a pariah of another will find no peace. Resentment is the poison you drink hoping to someone else will die. Trashing someone else trashes yourself. Those who harbor resentment have problems much larger then the contract Mike Vick signs this week. Much bigger.

Posted by: ZeroHero0 | August 12, 2009 12:37 AM

And the problem with talking to Young Jeezy would be......what?? Exactly what is it about him that makes it "ooooo!!" to be giving him a hug and going to his concert? Would it be better if he was with The Jonas Brothers?? Is that it? I'm really trying to understand the mentality of the person actually posting this asanine insinuation that somehow Jeezy is a "bad man" that Mike Vick shouldn't be around. Really, because he raps? What? Should Mike Vick start listening to Aerosmith instead? Those good Christian guys??

Please....and they wonder why we give these kind of stupid blogs the side eye.

Posted by: mlrice710 | August 12, 2009 6:14 AM

Not to put Young Jeezy down, but he is at least directly 'connected' to criminal enterprises and makes music glorifying it. Whether he engages in that criminal activity or not is just speculation, but I can see where the author is coming from (although "keepin' it hood" is just disrespectful).

That said, I don't think there is anything bad about Vick's reinstatement or hanging out with rappers.

Also, as written, it's been WEEKS since he got out. The man has been in jail for two years before that..let him enjoy his FREEDOM!

Posted by: OneGovt_Worker | August 12, 2009 4:01 PM

OK, let's get past the fact Goodell is a complete and unmitigated moron for reinstating this piece of ghetto trash.. Let's talk about the future.. Just boycott the team that selects him, do not watch their games, buy their tickets and go to their games. they will get the message.

Signing Vick will be the Kiss of Death for who ever signs him!!!


Posted by: Rubiconski | August 13, 2009 6:03 AM

Dont be ignorant people!!! Vick is a natural born athlete. The guy did the crime then paid for it more dearly than you or I will ever know. The NFL is a business that makes money. Plain and simple Vick packs them in with his electric athleticism. Boycott all you want but I bet a dollor to a dime youll be boycotting by yourself (other than a few tree huggers) when Philly is on track for the SUPERBOWL!!!!!

Posted by: fox_mulder | August 18, 2009 8:56 PM

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