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Just Crazy Enough To Work


On paper, the pairing of Tony Dungy and Michael Vick seems less likely than Shaq and Ben Stein starring in a mock buddy comedy to pitch cell phones (or is it internet service, who knows, really?)

Vick is looking to revitalize both his career and his reputation after, well, you know what after. And Dungy is the squeaky clean ex-coach who seemingly retired to get away from all the mess of players like Vick.

And, to sound like the hook of every fish-out-of-water buddy comedy ever pitched, that's why it's just crazy enough to work.

On the surface, Vick and Dungy seem to be from different worlds. But while Dungy has tried to portray a pristine image, he's had to deal with his fair share of very public hardships, namely the suicide of his son James in 2005. And maybe there's something he sees in Vick that seems ultimately worthy of trying to save. Maybe Dungy sees an opportunity in Vick that he didn't have with his son.

Or maybe not. I'm not one of those people -- even if Dungy and Vick are -- who thinks that everything happens for a reason and everything is part of God's plan. People might try to make this union more than it is -- a decision by an old coach to help rehabilitate a player who really needs rehabilitation. If God helps you or Dungy or Vick get through the day, then maybe there is more to this pairing than what's on the surface.

At the very least, Dungy being a prominent member of the Vick team can only help the quarterback on his path back to the NFL. And who knows, it's just crazy enough to work.

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Sure, he can play again, in some po dunk town in the middle of nowhere. Yes, he has served his time, but he had his chance in the NFL and BLEW IT!!!!!

Get him off the TV and NOW.

Seriously, if any team wanted him, they would have called by now. Sorry, Mike, keep the drywalling job. You're toast.

P.S. Fido says hi, he's still alive, you nutjob.

Posted by: Rubiconski | August 13, 2009 6:29 AM

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