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Archive: September 13, 2009 - September 19, 2009

NFL Doesn't Help Books

The League could always do better job but I don't believe the NFL is interested in accommodating sports books or any Fantasy Leagues.

By Johnny Avello | September 18, 2009; 2:41 PM ET | Comments (0)

Mums the Word

I see no problem with being secretive about the kind of information a team reveals.

By Chris Richardson | September 18, 2009; 11:03 AM ET | Comments (1)

Play It Safe

Maybe it is better to only play those players who can do so without pain or potential for re-injury.

By Mackie Shilstone | September 18, 2009; 7:41 AM ET | Comments (0)

Hiding Behind HIPAA

The NFL and individual teams manipulate the injury report policy for their own benefit, then hide behind HIPAA.

By Dr. A. Brion Gardner | September 18, 2009; 7:40 AM ET | Comments (8)

American Gamesmanship

Eric Mangini's little games with the weekly injury report reflect a common practice in the NFL, and show that a $125,000 fine is simply the cost of doing business.

By Michael Oriard | September 18, 2009; 7:28 AM ET | Comments (0)

Coach's Call

One can understand why the Belichick-acolyte might have overlooked Brett Favre's injury.

By Jason Maloni | September 18, 2009; 7:17 AM ET | Comments (1)

Commit to Sproles

As long as Tomlinson is out, the stock on Sproles is only going to go up.

By Matt Loede | September 17, 2009; 6:39 AM ET | Comments (0)

Tomlinson Still the Man

There is no running back controversy between Tomlinson and Darren Sproles.

By Roman Oben | September 16, 2009; 1:37 PM ET | Comments (0)

Sproles Is the Go-To

LT's role as a go-to runner may have left with his acceleration.

By Rob Rang | September 16, 2009; 1:16 PM ET | Comments (0)

LT Needs an O-Line

With LT and 2/5 of San Diego's offensive line nursing injuries, Sproles's speed wins.

By John Gennaro | September 16, 2009; 12:54 PM ET | Comments (0)

LT's So Last Year

San Diego ought to shift some of the focus to Sproles or, better yet, deal LT

By Sean McCann | September 16, 2009; 12:36 PM ET | Comments (1)

Sproles Charges Ahead

Sproles has proved that he's by far the more explosive back for the Chargers.

By Shawn Zobel | September 16, 2009; 12:17 PM ET | Comments (0)

Backing Up Controversy

I said a few weeks ago that there will be a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia this season. I just didn't know it would be the backups.

By Dan Levy | September 15, 2009; 9:56 AM ET | Comments (0)

Andy Reid Will Adjust

Unfortunately for Donovan McNabb's fragile psyche, the Eagles will be fine for a couple of weeks without him.

By Sean McCann | September 14, 2009; 11:33 AM ET | Comments (3)

They've Done It Before

The Eagles have a system in place that allows them to win without him for brief stretches of time if need be

By Doug Farrar | September 14, 2009; 9:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

No McNabb, No Chance

Philly's Super Bowl aspirations hang on the health of Donovan McNabb.

By H. Gore | September 14, 2009; 9:05 AM ET | Comments (6)

The Bird (& Rib) Cage

The defense might carry them to the playoffs, but they need McNabb to win when they get there.

By Zach Leibowitz | September 14, 2009; 8:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

Hack the Ribs, Saints

If McNabb plays, his ribs will have bulls eyes on them.

By Mackie Shilstone | September 14, 2009; 1:45 AM ET | Comments (0)

Temporary Survival

In the short term the Eagles can get by without McNabb, but niether VIck nor Kolb is ready to replace him permanently.

By Jason Brewer | September 14, 2009; 1:27 AM ET | Comments (1)

Fear Not, Philly

Eagles fans should relax. Even if McNabb is out for an extended period, the team will still be in playoff contention

By Robert Littal | September 14, 2009; 1:14 AM ET | Comments (2)

McNabb Takes a Little Ribbing

With the added protection of a well padded flak jacket, he shouldn't have any drop in performance.

By Dr. A. Brion Gardner | September 14, 2009; 1:04 AM ET | Comments (0)

No Ben, No Title

You lose Ben, you might as well kiss any thoughts of a Super Bowl repeat good-bye.

By Matt Loede | September 13, 2009; 10:21 PM ET | Comments (3)

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