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If Michael Crabtree isn't going to sign with the San Francisco 49ers he should go back to school for a year and study basic math. There are only so many years that Crabtree will be able to command a multi-million dollar salary. Burning one of those years over the ridiculous idea that he deserves to be paid like the fifth pick even though he was drafted tenth will be a decision he regrets for the rest of his life.

There's talk that Crabtree wants to sit out the entire 2009-10 season and re-enter the NFL Draft next April. I kind of understand where he's coming from since next year won't be capped and he could potentially pull some huge cash. But what that would say about Crabtree is that he doesn't care about playing on a crappy team as long as his pockets are stuffed. I'm sure that's the winning attitude GMs are looking for. Most rookies can't wait to get on the field and show they can compete at the highest level. Michael Crabtree wants to show he can act like a veteran whiner.

Crabtree has been involved in a lot of controversy for a guy yet to sign a contract. Mike Singletary told the media in June that he had the rookie near tears after chewing him out about practicing without the doctor's consent. Crabtree followed that with the holdout and the re-entering the draft idea. Now the New York Jets are accused of tampering with the wideout. This guy better be Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and Superman rolled into one to balance the nuisance he's been so far.

I believe Crabtree lost any desire to play for San Francisco after Singletary went public with the crying incident. To tell the truth, I'm hoping more than believing because I don't want to think a guy that hasn't proved anything in the NFL could feel so entitled.

J.D. Drew decided to sit out the 1997 season and re-enter the MLB draft after being selected number one by the Philadelphia Phillies. That act caused the baseball gods to punish Drew with injuries, and the people in Philly to hate him to this day. Being known as the David Jonathan Drew of the NFL is going to suck for Crabtree.

According to a report on ESPN, Crabtree will sign with the 49ers within the next two weeks. He technically has until mid-November to get a deal done if he wants to play this season, but the realization that he's giving away a year's salary will bring him to his senses. If it doesn't I feel sorry for the team that drafts him next year.

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Mr. Crabtree's decision to hold out for more money is his right in our "free" marketplace. He is also free to be as dumb as stump and pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity to put several million dollars into his bank account and have it start accruing interest for the rest of his life.

Mr. Crabtree can continue to sit for the rest of the year and he will, per the rules in the NFL, go back into the draft next year. Where all the clubs can then consider if his skills have diminished with a year of leisure, whether or not they want ot engage in protracted negotiations with a player and agent who have an inflated value of his worht and whether or not they want to poison their Clubhouse with a player whom the rest of the team will look at as being out of touch with the reality of the business. Mr. Crabtree will quickly slide into a later round and qualify for no bonus or guaranteed money. But he is free to make that decision, so let him live with it.

In rank order the three dumbest individuals in professional sports in the past two years are:

1. Michael Vick
2. Plaxico Buress
3. Michael Crabtree

These three high flying "superstanrs" have, collectively, ----ed away over 150 million dollars with bad judgement, bad behavior and a perspective totally out of touch with reality. And, we are supposed to feel sorry for them at a time when millions of Americans are losing their jobs and homes?

Posted by: bobfbell | September 23, 2009 12:24 PM

Michael Crabtree is not THAT talented and is just another in what is becoming a long list of high maintenance wide receivers. The 49ers don't need him and if he does sit out then his stock will fall even further next year. Does anyone want such a negative presence in their lockeroom if he gets less money than he would this year? Let's hope he studied because he may have to go out and get a real job.

Posted by: lance_dc7777 | September 23, 2009 12:41 PM

If you look at this seriously, it's a brilliant move -- he's taken a lot of attention away from some other seriously challenged ego-overcome athletes...

Posted by: BwkDawg1 | September 23, 2009 2:14 PM


Crabtree shouldn't even be on the list of dumbest individuals in football: In a league full of criminals, choosing not to sign a contract to become wealthy wallowing with the worst franchise in football in the most discusting city in the United States seems rather low on the dumb list. Even shooting yourself would rank low when it comes to just how dumb football players can be (do these guys really go to college?).

How is it that Stallworth and Pacman are not on that list of yours? Steve McNair (RIP)? Brandon Marshall? Claude Terrell Charles Rogers? Brent Hawkins? Matt Roth?Bryant McKinnie? Chris Henry? Owen Schmitt? Jacoby Jones? Jamal Williams? Chris Chambers? Dwayne Jarrett? Reggie Williams? Quincy Carter? Santonio Holmes? Dexter Reid? Lofa Tatupu? Lance Briggs? Anthony Hargrove? Marshawn Lynch? Leon Hall? Anthony Mix? Jevon Kearse? Matt Jones? Tank Johnson? Et al...

Clearly, the NFL has bigger problems with players exercising good judgement than a guy rebelling against the slotting system and holding out for money in a better town in an upcoming uncapped year.

Posted by: evenadog | September 23, 2009 3:23 PM


What's a "discusting city"? You mean in the sense that people discuss things too much? I guess I agree that the Bay Area, and Marin in particular, can be a bit much at times, I think the DC/NoVA has the Bay Area in the hot air/"discusting" stakes. Or maybe you were talking about those oh-so-scary hOmOSexUaLs and meant disgusting?

As for, "the worst franchise in football" by what metric, exactly? I'd say by almost any metric the team across the Bay is worse. And the Lions arguably worse than the Raiders. Of course, in terms of suing one's own fanbase, WaPo has taught us that Snyder and Co. are in a class by themselves.

Posted by: jcp8892 | September 23, 2009 5:52 PM

Evanadog, loved your list, but what about Marvin Harrison? I mean, he only chased a guy down the street and shot him down like a dog, then lied to the police and everyone else about it. Although he does seem to be getting away with it, so maybe he's not so dumb after all...

Posted by: jerkhoff | September 23, 2009 5:58 PM

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