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Don't Get #Crabtreed


I briefly met Michael Crabtree while out covering the ESPY's. He's a very nice guy, but his ego is bigger than Terrell Owens' and OchoCinco's combined. The difference being he has done absolutely nothing to warrant having that type of attitude.

The Texas Tech wide receiver was sincerely hurt that he wasn't the first wide receiver drafted in 2009. If you are that upset about it go prove you are the best... on the field, not by pouting in the mirror brushing your S-Curl waves.

You know you are a laughing stock when you become a Twitter "Trending Topic". This is the case of Crabtree whose name is now synonymous with a few Trending Topics such as: #Crabtreed. An example of this: "The Judge wanted me to pay fines and court costs, but I "crabtreed" the offer and now I have a warrant out for my arrest."

Another popular one was: #Crabtreechick. An example of this: "I met this "crabtreechick" at the club, she came back to my house and I thought we had negotiated all the terms to "seal the deal," but she refused to "sign the contract."

At this point Michael Crabtree is a caricature of himself and the multi-million dollar question is what should he do now?

Pretty simple:


The 49ers don't need Michael Crabtree as their 2-0 start to the season shows. They are going to be fine without him. His reputation is now garbage in the league, so for him to think he will get picked higher by reentering the draft is as delusional as Plaxico Burress turning down a three month jail sentence thinking he could beat the case.

Eugene Parker is Crabtree's agent and he is no Scott Boras so it makes me wonder who Crabtree is getting his advice from. This is where having a bunch of "bath water slurpers" in your inner circle can be very harmful to your career. If Crabtree is surrounded by nothing but yes men and women, who is going to step up and tell him he is making the biggest mistake of his life?

Smarten up Michael because in the NFL it doesn't take long to be forgotten. Ask Mike Williams and Charles Rodgers. Because the next Twitter "Trending Topic" will be: #whathappenedtomichaelcrabtree

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what's amazing is the petulance. do you believe your fantasy draft status, or should you believe instead your TRUE draft status?

if crabtree feels he is more valuable than heyward-bey (the receiver whom the raiders drafted ahead of crabtree), then crabtree should simply get on the field and prove it.

but considering the 49ers' success with the running game, perhaps crabtree should start wondering if he is as valuable to the 49ers as he believes.

as was said in robert's blog, crabtree beats heyward-bey in one huge arena: he has given the twitter world the awesome "trend topics" of #crabtree & #crabtreechick! fun for EVERYONE all across the country to weigh in with opinions, wit, and (quite a lot of) derisive commentary.

get on the field, michael crabtree.

Posted by: KenFromCalifornia | September 23, 2009 12:18 PM

Yeah, Crabtree is acting like someone owes him something. This is getting ridiculous. If he reenters the draft, I hope he goes even lower.

Posted by: ja_lawrence | September 23, 2009 3:10 PM

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