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Brady No More


Despite Sunday's dismantling of a proud Giants defense, Drew Brees has yet to reach a Super Bowl, let alone win one. And if the question was asked two or three years ago, the answer would have to be Tom Brady, who demanded comparison with Joe Montana in three Super Bowl victories.

All this time, Peyton Manning has been at or near the top, and there he remains.

Brady is not the same player he was, nevermind his six-touchdown performance against a Titans team that has quit on Jeff Fisher. This whole business of dating starlets, dumping pregnant starlets and marrying supermodels can't help but be a drain on a quarterback's resources. That's time and energy that Manning has spent more judiciously.

While Brady preened, Manning apparently focused, and he's quietly having the best season of his career.

Peyton has now shown he can win with three different head coaches, with good defenses and bad, with and without Marvin Harrison. Brees remains sub-.500 in winning percentage for his career, and Brady has never played pro football for anybody but Bill Belichick.

Manning has unprecedented command of the quarterback position, and a level of preparation that no other player in today's NFL can approach. Those didn't always make up for any deficit in big-game poise that he suffered next to Brady, but now, in the back half of both players' careers, things have turned in Peyton's favor.

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Another load of drool from a hopeless fool. Mr. McCann, Tom Brady is ten times the man you will EVER be. Enough with the snide supermodel jokes -- this is childish to the point of imbecility. Grow up.

Our once-great nation seems to have a full share of churlish, jealous losers who will do anything to try to diminish the Patriots and Tom Brady. This goes back for years -- the week after the Greatest Super Bowl of All Time, all anyone could talk about is Janet Jackson's varicose veins. And now we have the "Brady" rule -- as if somehow there is this special rule that applies only to Tom Brady himself -- and the ginned-up controversy about whether the Pats "ran up the score" on the Titans. If Tom Brady had wanted to run up the score on Sunday, that game could EASILY have ended 100-0.

I hope Peyton has a nice big-screen TV at home so he can watch the Super Bowl in comfort...

Posted by: jerkhoff | October 20, 2009 9:43 AM

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