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Good Move, Goodell


"Football" isn't a line item that the United States uses to figure its annual GDP, but it should be. Like any other industry in America, the sport was discovered by enterprising souls, its benefits were celebrated, and its processes were refined over time. Football won't be boxed up to leave our shores as industrial supplies or aircraft. Rather, it's more of a symbol of America's burliness taking on the leisurely tastes of Europe, and the rest of the world.

Globalization has been happening for some time now (who would have thought countries would so enjoy buying other countries' crap?) so sending our favorite leisurely pursuits abroad seemed like a natural extension of things. But our 100-yard pastime seems to be the only thing that the rest of the world doesn't have. And so, like a neighbor with a lawn mower, we lend it out freely, knowing fully well that it will be ours again within the week.

The NFL will be playing a game in London
on Sunday for the 3rd consecutive year. The thought of America's game being played offshore is no longer a novelty, nor is it as offensive to us Yanks as it first seemed when league czar Roger Goodell decided that the diehard passion of American fans simply would not do. No, Goodell is out to conquer the world, and it seems, finally, that America is ready to let him do so.

Make no mistake; the League is tilling the earth to plant a team in London permanently. They want to take that lawn mower to England and leave it there. Although Toronto, Mexico City, or even Los Angeles seem to be better targets for growing this sport, Goodell is too giddy to jam his flag into trans-Atlantic soil. Good on 'im, I say. A European presence can only benefit the League, and as the dismantling of NFL Europa would indicate, one team in Europe clearly is better than six.

London's Wembley Stadium -- an historic venue in its own right -- is the perfect Stage One site for Goodell's takeover of the world's hearts and minds. The people of London are only too happy to oblige, as Wembley's 85,000 seats for American football were gobbled up faster than fish 'n chips. Our football seems to be a big deal over there, and that's fine. This beats the opposite of any globalized alternatives, watching cricket in Giants Stadium, camel races through the streets of Boston, or competitive snake charming in California, as if there wasn't enough of that going on already.

America's sporting tastes have long been unique to those of the rest of the world. We should be grateful that the world is finally coming around.

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Its the novelty factor that the Londoners are interested in. The game with its continuous stops and starts is incredbibly frustrating to watch from a viewers standpoint. The massive men that make up the game and its war-like stragegy has some appeal. Its a publicity stunt for the NFL and London is only too happy to oblige. With Manchester Utd. vs Liverpool this sunday, its a no brainer which game to watch.

Posted by: sbg1 | October 24, 2009 9:54 AM

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