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Separating emotion from reality helps when it comes to the Michael Vick situation. The dog lover in us wants him to be condemned, but the sports-watcher in us knows as long as Vick has something to offer athletically, his fade into oblivion won't happen soon enough. Consider Vick's jersey sales. The latest report has him as the fourth most popular. Keep in mind, a great deal of these jerseys were sold before Vick even played a game. It must be that catchy name of his. What this tells us is, like it or not, Vick is still very much apart of today's pop culture overload, so it shouldn't be surprising when companies start using his likeness to hawk their wares.

When the Nike news hit, was anyone honestly surprised? Disappointed, perhaps, but surprised? I find that hard to believe. Granted, the Nike news jumped the gun, but it's only a matter of time before Vick becomes a spokesperson.

I do, however, have a suggestion to these companies: Please wait until Vick accomplishes something on the field before you hand him your hard-earned money. In his first game back against the Kansas City Chiefs, Vick looked pedestrian; more of a decoy, really. Two pass attempts and a few possessions that saw him come into the game, hand the ball off and go back to the sideline. What kind of message does it send if you are using a player more known for his name than his play? Our product might look flashy, but there's not much to it? Our product is only hype and no substance? We are only a "flavor of the moment" type of company? Consider this, when Nike initially signed Vick, he was considered the most exciting player in the NFL. Now? Not so much; especially when the league is populated by players like Chad Ochocinco and Drew Brees.

If and when Vick busts out that electrifying 80-yard game-winning touchdown scramble, then we can shower him with accolades and endorsement money. Until that happens, however, Just Don't Do It.

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You miss the point. Vick should be total banned and banished from the sport. That did not happen.

But I, for one, will prohibit my children from supporting any sponsor/product of Michael Vick regardless of his accomplishments on the field. He has shown no true remorse. His rehabilitation should be in an animal emergency room where people want to save animals from cruelty and injury-- not inflict suffering as Michael Vick did. He is not one to be paraded in front of our youth as someone to idolize.

My donations for animals go to animal organizations other than the Human Society.

They caved...

Posted by: vtcxc | October 5, 2009 9:20 AM

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