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Let's Forget Vick


Forget Vick - let's endorse more deserving athletes

I'm over what Michael Vick did.

That might sound jarring or cruel to some people, but I am - I'm over it.

For the record, I think Vick is inhumane for what he put those dogs through. Reading what transpired on Moonlight Road made me sick and I think the punishment fit the crime.

But let's move on. What's done is done and he served his time, so let him rot in Philly as a backup quarterback, Wildcat formation specialist or Andy Reid's personal dry cleaning assistant. I don't care - and neither should Nike.

When "the swoosh" got word that Vick was involved in an illegal dog-fighting operation two years ago, they did the only thing they could: They dropped him like a bad cell phone connection.

Just recently, Vick's agency announced that its client had struck a new deal with Nike, although the manufacturer claims that it has only agreed to supply product to Vick, as it does with numerous other athletes who are not officially under contract with them.

Either way, why should Nike bother endorsing Vick period? Because he used to be an icon? Because he used to make people's eyes pop out of their head every time he escaped from the pocket? He went to jail - his opportunities of being endorsed by anyone should be over.

In today's society, the bad apples constantly get the most exposure. Most people that follow sports know that Vick was a dog-fighter, that Tank Johnson once housed a small arsenal in his home, and that "Pacman" Jones is an arrest waiting to happen at every moment of every day.

But how many sports fans know that former running back Warrick Dunn buys and furnishes homes for single mothers as part of his "Homes for the Holidays" program? Or that Donovan McNabb gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to the American Diabetes Association every year? Or that Peyton Manning's "PeyBack Foundation" promotes future success of disadvantaged youth by assisting programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for at risk children?

And how many times have we heard about Dunn, McNabb or Manning fighting dogs, punching strippers or stockpiling guns in their homes just in case the redcoats come marching through again?

For those scoring at home, the answer to the proposed question above would be "zero."

Look, I realize Manning is a walking endorsement and already makes enough money through Gatorade, DirecTV, ESPN, MasterCard, Reebok (which wouldn't work too well with Nike obviously), Sprint, High Sierra Carpet and Laughing Clown Malt Liquor.

But that's not my point.

It's not Manning that I'm specifically talking about - it's the persona of Manning, and Dunn, and McNabb. While I'm over Vick's dog-fighting escapades, I would rather see Manning or McNabb shoved in my face every commercial break than I would Vick.

So how should Nike (or any other cooperation for that matter) throw its money behind someone who is already making a positive impact in the world? There are plenty of those kinds of athletes out there and they're certainly more deserving than Vick, who already had his chance to become an icon and blew it.

Let's forget Vick as an icon - all of us.

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Good Observations Sir. And,I'll bet you were once a big Michael Vick fan like a lot of us ?

Posted by: Bay44 | October 2, 2009 6:31 PM

Finally a article that talks about what good some guys do and we need more of this. It's time to identify the good ones and leave the rest behind. Let's hang with them, buy their shirts for the kids and tell them why.

We need to change this thing around. Address the good ones and ignor the bad ones.

Hear that Ray Lewis, OJ, Paxico, Vick...

Posted by: D-Man1 | October 2, 2009 8:05 PM

Nice positive spin on this story.
There are, as you point out, plenty of other athletes to talk about...

Posted by: KMac3000 | October 2, 2009 11:07 PM

Vick should be total banned and banished from the sport. I, for one, will prohibit my children from supporting any sponsor/product of Michael Vick. He is not one to be paraded in rornt of our youth as someone to idolize. My donations for animals go to other organizations rather than the Human Society. They caved...

Posted by: vtcxc | October 5, 2009 9:12 AM

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