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Green Is the Only Color That Matters


Rush Limbaugh wants to buy the St. Louis Rams? Let him. Let him and the ownership group assembled by Dave Checketts (who already owns the NHL's St. Louis Blues) buy that team and do whatever they want with it. Until the city of St. Louis has a giant rummage sale in front of the Gateway Arch, only a handful of people have the cash to make such a purchase. With the radio talk show pundit pulling down some $40 million per annum, the only color NFL owners will be seeing won't be red or blue, but green.

One guy posted his thoughts on Limbaugh's potential acquisition of the Rams on Twitter, saying something to the effect of "If Rush buys the Rams, I'm done with the NFL." Really? Are we as equally put off by the twenty-something OTHER arrogant, fat, white owners in the league?

Rush might be the spiritual leader of conservative America, so who better to take the helm of the hapless Rams than our country's Republican figurehead. After all, the only organization having a worse year than the Rams right now is in fact the GOP.

I think people have overvalued Rush Limbaugh's role in American politics. He's not setting policy, or even ideology. He's a radio jock, paid to say outlandish things designed to win favor with one half of his audience and outrage the other. That's it.

But now, these same people are looking at Rush's potential ownership of the Rams through the same blue-state-colored glasses. But realize that the public persona Rush the Owner almost certainly won't resemble that of Rush the Radio Guy.

Consider the cost of Limbaugh bringing his airwave-disseminated sense of free-market idealism to the Rams and to the NFL. Will he push for a removal of the NFL's salary cap that restricts the wages of its players? Will Rush, who was revealed to have a painkiller addiction in 2003, lobby for stricter drug testing? Will the Rams be the first NFL team since the 1961 Redskins to field an all-white team? I doubt it.

Unlike politics, where one can simply get away with ridiculing the opposition, the NFL is about winning. If his bid is successful, the last thing he'll want to do is distance himself from a fanbase in his home state. And besides, it's the St. Louis Rams. How much more alienated can those fans possibly be?

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