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Snyder Has Gone Too Far


It's clear that after a decade of mismanagement, Daniel Snyder has just about run out of people to alienate, mistreat, and blame. The NFL's sub-Steinbrenner has botched this Washington Redskins ownership thing to the point where there isn't a GM, coach, player, or journalist who hasn't felt the sting at one point or another. This year, Snyder's taken it to a new low. While proto-lackey Vinny Cerrato was busy spending Snyder's money like a drunken sailor, the Boss was suing season ticket holders. And when the product on the field failed to meet expectations (gosh, what a surprise), Snyder responded by addressing the real problem -- fans in the stands at FedEx were protesting his efforts! Clearly, once these miscreants and vandals were stopped, the Redskins would return to glory.

Or not.

Look, I get that stadium are generally privately-owned structures, and that teams and owners can set specific rules regarding fan behavior. But Snyder's clearly not concerned about fan conduct or safety, unless you believe the party line about those darned pointy signs being a danger to all. Nope, this is about Snyder seeing only what he wants to see, and hearing what he wants to hear. It's why he has surrounded himself with underqualified yes-man, and why his football team continues to underperform. In this economy, Snyder should be doing everything possible to reward and placate the people who are actually going to the stadium to watch this disaster, but all he can do is make it about him.

I'm paraphrasing here, but George Will once said that when he went to Yankee Stadium, he felt as if there should be a huge picture of George Steinbrenner everywhere -- that Will wanted to watch the Yankees, but Steinbrenner kept getting in the way, and he seemed to want to control the result of an uncontrollable game like a puppetmaster. One tends to get the same feeling with Snyder -- that it's more important what people think of the Redskins' owner than what people think of the Redskins. But as Will also has said, nobody ever paid a dime to sit in a stadium to watch an owner. The game is about the players, or at least it should be. And that's what Snyder doesn't get. By picking fights with anyone who doesn't see things his way, Snyder's taken the joy out of the game and made rooting for the Redskins something that lifetime fans now find contemptible. It's a sad and inexcusable turn of events.

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Let's turn FedEx into a giant anti-Snyder sign:

Posted by: A1232 | October 30, 2009 2:12 PM

Another brain dead Washington Boast idiot writer. Let me ask you something Doug, do you have to show proof that you are a member of the communist party when they hire you?

Posted by: cashbo22 | October 30, 2009 2:44 PM

Haven't we all worked for managers and leaders and organizations like this?

In power, but insecure thus hires and promote and rewards "yes folk" to make themselves feel important and successful and competent. And removes others that may have a different viewpoint (Marty Shottenheimer for example).

This always and eventually affects staff recruitment as word gets out - and for Dan, it's out. Sure they hire SOMEONE, but for Dan, not likely to be a top prospect unless they're desperate for any job. And at the moment, this is any job...

Posted by: kedavis | October 31, 2009 12:17 PM

Dan Snyder has absolutely NO IDEA what long term damage his incompetent leadership is doing to the Redskins long time loyal fan base. If he keeps up his "take it out on the fans" strategy, in less than 2 years we'll be headed for a more than half empty stadium on home game days and home games blacked out. The irony is he'll never see the truth until it hits him where it hurts - his wallet. But by then it will be way too late. More's the pity.

Posted by: capvid | November 4, 2009 1:40 PM

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