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Trade Zorn for Phillips?


Here's a radical solution for the problems in Washington, Dallas and Tennessee: don't fire these head coaches, trade them.

Deliver Jim Zorn from Snyder-Cerrato hell, send him to the Titans to see if he can do for Vince Young what he has for Jason Campbell. Of course, that's not such a great deal for Tenessee, but they're 0-6, so beggars can't be choosers.

Fill Zorn's spot in Washington with Wade Phillips. Sherman Lewis can still call all the plays Dan Snyder wants him to call, and Phillips can handle the defense. When you've dealt for three years with Jerry Jones, Snyder can't bee too much of a shock, can he?

Lastly, send Jeff Fisher to the Cowboys who, at 3-2, still have talent enough and a chance to actually go somewhere. If the Titans fired Fisher now or any time before the spring, he stands a decent chance of ending up in Dallas anyway.

Changing coaches mid-season is not a solution in the NFL, it's an act of desperation. In fact, Fisher is the only truly successful interim coach in recent history, and most never do well enough to get hired full-time.

Of the three dire situations mentioned above, only one -- the circus in Washington -- is truly desperate. There are worse things than one losing season, as Redskins fans are learning all too well.

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Bring all the rotten coaches to Warshington, and have them compete in a battle royal to see who would come out the Redskins head coach.

I love the Washington Redskins to their living death that they're playing in now.

But I long for A Vince Lombardi-type guy to come by again. We were blessed to have him for just that year. This is a simple game. Throw the ball, catch the ball, run with the ball. Vince knew precisely where to put the personnel at any given time. It was a knack, combined with an awful lot of film study. Boy what I wouldn't give to see an actual coach come in here and make the most of the talent that is here right now.

(And then draft and sign nothing but offensive linemen, a quarterback, a running back and some ball-catchers, as well as some d linemen and linebackers and punters, kickers, safeties, and long-snappers over the next three years.)

Posted by: Meepo | October 21, 2009 1:08 PM

I just don't think that replacing the coach is going to make a bit of a difference. You can call whatever plays you want but you have to have the players to execute the play. We can't pass because the defense is on the QB as soon as he looks up. We can't run because our blocking is so bad and our RB's are so slow. WE NEED HELP!!!

Posted by: VaBroker | October 21, 2009 4:10 PM

What Zorn has done for Campbell?? WHAT has Zorn done for Cambell?? Zorn has been ridiculed weekly for the fact that he has failed to develop Campbell into a quality QB, especially consideirng his background of a QB coach. We have seen little, if any, good play from Campbell, and he was even benched in the last game. Campbell shouldn't be blamed for everything, but he has poor decision-making skills and sub-par accuracy. We have one of the worst offenses in the league and Campbell continually shows that with his play. I hope Collins can come out and play well if he gets more chances. Zorn is a joke and would only bring a QB like Vince Young down in quality.

Posted by: leafbowl | October 22, 2009 10:07 AM

How about trading Snyder? I'd suggest trading Cerrato but no one would take him. If Dan-O needs to keep Vinny around, why not get him a job painting lines on the field or driving Dan around?

Vinny's new title possibilities:
"Executive VP of line paining operations"
"Executive VP of traffic avoidance"
"Executive VP of bathroom beer sales"

All joking aside, given the last 10 years of history, who would come and work for Dan Snyder without making demanding serious management concessions? No great coach is going to want to have their team micromanaged and player staffing mismanaged.

Posted by: justaguy1973 | October 22, 2009 10:20 AM

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