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Dump Jim Zorn


With a number of coaches currently sitting on the hot-seat, including Jeff Fisher, Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, Dick Jauron, Tom Cable, and Eric Mangini - only one team, the Washington Redskins, should pull the trigger on switching their head coach midseason.

Let's face it, soon or later Jim Zorn is a goner. So why not just do it now? Can you imagine anyone thriving in a job situation like his? How is that supposed to work?

Washington's management has created this mess since they have set this tone beginning in the pre-season, by essentially saying they do not have confidence in Zorn. Has this affected the 2009 Washington Redskins in a negative way? I think we all know the answer to that.

Here's the rationale on why Washington should pull the trigger on making a head coaching switch ASAP.

Zorn has lost the team. Just last week, players openly asked Washington management to make a decision on Zorn so the team can move on and focus on football. The team has looked uninspired throughout the season and has gone 2-4 against an incredibly soft opening schedule (teams played are a combined 9-26).

Zorn's game decisions have also been compromised. In the last two games, down late in the fourth quarter, Zorn has punted, instead of going for it on 4th down to extend the game and give his team a chance. Zorn did not go for it because if his team had failed, he would have been blamed. This is a common characteristic of a compromised coach because in doing so, he is switching the blame from himself onto his players.

Zorn has also hit the panic button, benching starting quarterback Jason Campbell during last week's game, in favor of a much less desirable Todd Collins.

On the bright side, Washington's season is not a complete lost cause. If they fired Zorn, and implemented an interim coach, a huge weight would be lifted from the team, and could create a spark. Just look at San Francisco last year with Mike Singletary. Also, Washington still has the rest of the season to make an educated evaluation on whether Jason Campbell (and perhaps Chase Daniel) can play or not.

Now, going into a Monday Night Football match-up versus the Philadelphia Eagles, Jim Zorn is dead-man walking. If I were Dan Synder, I would have put Zorn out of his misery three days ago.

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Oh good grief! Zorn gets reamed for going for it on 4th and 1, and gets reamed for NOT going for it on 4th down. Which is it?

Zorn gets trashed for sticking with Jason Campbell, then gets trashed for dumping Campbell for a useless Todd Collins. Which is it?

Zorn's players ask for a vote of confidence from team management, and Zorn gets trashed. Zorn's players then go out and lay a goose egg. Which is it?

Get your story right Sean.

Posted by: ennepe68 | October 21, 2009 12:12 PM

"a much less desirable Todd Collins" = = surely you jest - or don't know much about leadership, management, charisma or football

Posted by: astroalice | October 21, 2009 12:20 PM

Chase daniel is NOT on the redskins. He was cut months ago. I think everyone has a good read on campbell. It is not a 'bright side' that he gets to play the rest of the season to be evaluated. you are WRONG!

Posted by: rzichell | October 21, 2009 12:20 PM

I might be hard for the Redskins to start Chase Daniel at quarterback, considering he plays for the Saints...

Posted by: TheNathan | October 21, 2009 12:53 PM

Maybe a spark, but no lasting power to speak of. Snyder and Cerrato regularly blow the oxygen out of any locker room they walk in (walk all over) on. Whatever interim coach (WE WANT TERRY ROBISKIE) comes into this train wreck, he will be every bit as successful as TurnerRobiskieSchottenheimerSpurrierGibbsZorn. That is to say, POOF!

Fire Zorn, whatever. If Cerrato sticks around, there goes the oxygen again.

Posted by: Meepo | October 21, 2009 12:59 PM

Apologies on the Daniel reference- ESPN listed Daniel 3rd on depth chart.

I forgot that Washington was dumb enough to carry only two quarterbacks, one being 38 years old and has only 20 starts under his belt.

Posted by: ProQBManifesto | October 21, 2009 4:24 PM

They can't dump Zorn. No one else with two cents worth of sense will take the job for nitwit synder and his sidekick GM. I really think they are making it so bad that Zorn will quit and they get to save some money on his contract for leaving. What a joke.

Posted by: jnaway | October 21, 2009 5:25 PM

I really think they are making it so bad that Zorn will quit and they get to save some money on his contract for leaving. What a joke.

Absolutely, what does Snyder owe Zorn $5 million through next year. Snyder's burned 10-20 times that on bad signings. Heck, he probably burned that much in pre-embargo Cubans. He can't be that hard up for cash (despite 6 flags & Johnny Rocket's - the football team is one heck of a cash cow). What a joke, if that's his intent - an even bigger joke if its that Snyder thinks having a guy 5 years retired and 2 weeks into the job is gonna immediately help. Too bad Brennen's on IR & Daniel was cut & signed by NO. Play Campbell 3, Brennan 3 & Daniel 3. Just a 9 game preseason. OUCH.

Posted by: notamullethead | October 21, 2009 7:42 PM

What do you mean if I were Dan Snyder, you are only not as rich, but you have the young and obnoxious part down to a "T". Here's the problem (in my opinion which is all I have) there are too many people of this ilk in the world today, I haven't read enough of your views to make a blanket statement on your views like say I could on "Rush" but basically it comes down to 3 things. The people that think they are entitled to instant gratification feel that it is their subliminal right,no matter how hard they work (normally not very) how smart they are (questionable at best) or how they view their fellow man and society as a whole(normally not very highly unless they are "just like them")these folks are qualified,no entitled to the very best and to be held in the highest esteem,with no thought given to what they have achieved,proven or shown even the smallest potential for. Then you have the "critic" these people do nothing but criticize everything and everyone no matter what, they salivate for a person to achieve so they can pounce on any perceived (real,imagined or rumored)weakness or fault so they may pronounce themselves mightier and the achieved one fallen. Last you have people like me, men and woman who sometimes have and sometimes have not lived through difficult situations in this world that though not exactly the same cause us to (careful now you may want to sit down) emphasize,feel and think about the ROOT causes to a problem, so in this case we would say players play and coaches coach and if the coach was your "boy" it would be the players that got your response. So ask yourself who is responsible for getting the players for the coach to coach.Now we are getting closer to the ROOT cause of the problem. So is it the coach,the 55 players or the GM who failed to get any back up offensive lineman which is the main cause of all of this grief.Out of 100 Redskins watchers (don't even have to be fans,hell they could be Cowboy fans) how many do you think would have believed that Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas would play all season? Does the number ZERO mean anything to you,it should that's about how much thought you put into your article.

Posted by: mfowler1 | October 21, 2009 9:33 PM

I agree that Zorn needs to go. However, what the Redskins need most of all is a new owner!!!

Posted by: esdean | October 22, 2009 11:00 AM

Has anyone noticed, our offensive players just aren't good enough to handle their positions. We got receivers who can't get open and can't catch when they're thrown to. Linemen who can't block, running backs who are too old/slow and worn out who can't outrun a defensive lineman or a linebacker, a punt returner who's so afraid of being hit that he almost always calls for a fair catch or drops as soon as he is touched, and a quarterback who doesn't see the field well enough to find an open receiver if there were one. Top that off with a coach who not only doesn't know the rules, but is so afraid of making a mistake that he can't keep track of who's on the field or what play to run.

Yes, Cerrato is useless. And He and Snyder got us to this point. But Snyder does care, he just doesn't know football. He knows football the way the average fan does.

Hope he figures out how to get a real GM, and to let that GM manage the team.

I wouldn't mind losing so much if we could just score the way we could when Sonny was here. No super bowls, but he was sure fun to watch.

Posted by: al31964 | October 22, 2009 11:34 AM

Moroney the moron, what a clown.

First of all you're bending the facts - the players didn't ask for a decision about Zorn, they asked for a public endorsement, because they ARE behind him.

And the notion that a weight would be lifted by adding yet more chaos to a team in disarray is laughable. You make no sense.

You have clearly determined an exciting viewpoint first and then chosen exclusively the facts, and even invented the facts that support that conclusion. You have no business being a sports writer.

Posted by: REXskins | October 22, 2009 12:57 PM


I don't know where to begin. Does it bother me more that you represent the Washington Post and can't get your facts straight? {yes} Or is it more heinous that you are unimaginitive and simply want to pile-on in an attempt to come up with this article? {yes} Lets try to be more creative. Maybe you can say something that provokes some thought, actually do some research, or even worse ask a redskins fan for the facts since you clearly dont know what is going on.

As someone privileged enough to report on "my" Redskins I expect more. You can see from many of the posts from local fans, we have lost our patience. This is not only with the team, but also team management and those who want to misrepresent "our" team. Lets try harder next time.

Jason Campbell is being put back in this week. We'll give you one more try.

Posted by: nettek67 | October 22, 2009 1:40 PM

Zorn never had a chance. Why do you think he went from newly hired O coordinator to newly hired head coach ? Because no coach worth beans would go work for the little Napoleon that holds the Redskins hostage. ^ coaches in ten years? Zorn was given a chance to be a head coach and he jumped on it thinking he could be the one to succeed in Washington when much more experienced coaches failed. He goes from a Pro Bowl qb in Seattle to a practice squad level qb in DC. He has someone else's coaching staff to work with and a GM who is nothing more than a yes man puppet. And DC fans are surprised at this team being a poster child for dysfunctional? Really? Jim will land on his feet as he survived the underhanded tactic of the GM making his life miserable hoping he would quit and they wouldn't have to fulfill his contract. Oops that failed, so he'll be the latest to be fired by Snyder. Who will the next sucker be? Holmgren? Cowher? Shanahan? Dream on those guys don't need the money that Snyder will have to throw at somebody to convince them to work in an impossible situation. Until they draft an new owner and GM they'll just keep recycling through coaches desperate get out of calling bingo numbers.

Posted by: kingwabbit | October 26, 2009 12:03 PM

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