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Ken Palmer

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Don't mess with tradition


Just like every time a team scores on the first possession of overtime it sparks up the usual heated debate about the rules of overtime. Our annual Thanksgiving holiday games strike up discussion of whether or not the current setup is good or bad for football.

The fact that Detroit and Dallas host games each and every year is part of the NFL fabric. Fair or not, it's a tradition and you can put me down as a traditionalist. Too many things about our beloved NFL have changed in recent years (and no, Roger Goodell, we do not need to expand the most successful professional sports league in the world into Europe; it's just fine right here in the States), and the Thanksgiving Day tradition does not need to join the list of casualties.

If you just so happen to be a fan of the Lions or Boys, you know every single Thanksgiving you're going to be treated to a game on Turkey Day; it's something to look forward to all season long. Why is that? Well, who actually cares? It's just how it is. The rotating opponents also get a chance every so often to play through the 'dreaded' short week, which, by the way, is a much bigger deal to the media than any of the players. There's not one Giant on the entire roster that actually cares whether they had to play again seven, four or even just two days after they beat Atlanta on November 22, and that includes the injured players. That's really all just media and fan talk. Both teams have the same short week so you'd really be hard-pressed to find any advantage or disadvantage coming out of it.

With that said, you surely will not be able to find many that have any sort of problem with all that extra rest afterward. You don't think both the Giants and Cowboys are going to enjoy an extra three days of rest and preparation before they face off in an NFC East Showdown on the first Sunday of December?

Games in the Motor City and Big D on the final Thursday of November are just part of what makes the NFL so special. While the Commish might be trying to get his hands on and change everything he can about the league (playing the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl is simply absurd, for instance) he'd be wise to just leave the Thanksgiving Day arrangement as is.

It's what we've mostly all come to know and love, and it should remain that way. To be quite honest, if anything should go it's the night game that was added several years ago. Growing up, the two afternoon games and a college game at night were more than enough. But that ship has sailed. The Giants and Broncos are playing on T-Day night and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. But the league still can do the right thing here and leave well enough alone with the other two contests.

The Lions and Cowboys have always hosted T-Day football contests - and they always should.

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AMEN!! If it aint broke don't try to fix it!! Keep your grubby hands off my FOOTBALL!! and my turkey leg!! Ha!!!Ha!!!

Posted by: jmb137405 | November 26, 2009 3:06 PM

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