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Tradition over money


The reason why the Lions and Cowboys should get to play games on Thanksgiving every year is simple: tradition. Over time many great traditions in sports have succumbed to the all powerful corporate dollar, which is really what makes sports go round now-a-days. It's nice to see that a tradition like this has survived for so long, and to even think about taking the annual Thanksgiving games away from the Lions or the Cowboys is just wrong. While it is true that a team like the Lions hasn't exactly made the Thanksgiving games very entertaining recently, that is not what a tradition like this is all about.

Growing up here in Michigan, for many people Thanksgiving is all about Lions football and turkey. I'm sure it's the same way for Cowboys fans all over the country as well. The holidays bring about many family traditions, some that are unique and others that are shared. For Thanksgiving specifically, a shared tradition by many in Michigan is to sit around the TV with family and watch the Lions. Regardless of the outcome of the game, it is a tradition, and one that should never come to an end.

Let's consider for a second if the NFL were to ever take away the Lions' Thanksgiving game. What is to say that its replacement would even be that much better of a game? For a game on a Thursday, it isn't likely that flex scheduling would be used because short weeks require extra preparation ahead of time, so the game would probably be determined when the schedule is released. As this season has taught us, some teams don't exactly live up to the hype, which could make for games that seem as uninteresting to people as any that involve the Lions.

I guess what it comes down to for the NFL is how much is tradition valued over money, and how much money is the NFL actually losing by having the Lions play on Thanksgiving every year? To me, I don't think Roger Goodell is prepared to take away the Lions' Thanksgiving game in the immediate future, especially now that there is a game for other teams at night. The obvious hope for Lions fans is that by the time any legitimate thought would be given to making a change, Jim Schwartz will have turned the franchise around to the point where they are consistently winning on Thanksgiving, making any changes unnecessary.

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