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America's Team... of arrogance


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the arrogance. From Jimmy Johnson to Barry Switzer to Michael Irvin all circling upstairs to the guy named Jerry Jones who owns and runs the franchise -- it's all arrogance.

It's amazing that guys like Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston came out of that franchise as well adjusted as they seem. It's no wonder that Emmitt Smith acted the way he did with his terrible stint on ESPN -- act like you're the's the Cowboy way.

I'm not old enough to really remember most of the Tom Landry era. He seemed like a classy fella, with the suit and the hat and the stoicism. But since then it's been a giant 'look at me' party in Dallas. And it's hard not to look. Even the stupid scoreboard got more attention this year than any new stadium has gotten in two decades. Just the scoreboard! Let alone the leather-trimmed luxury boxes and weird neon lounge the players have to walk through to get to the field that somehow translates into those people being better than the rest of us.

And if everything is bigger in Texas, it's clearly not the Super Bowl rings in the last 13 years, as nine different teams -- including three multiple times -- have won Super Bowls since Dallas' last trip. Yet somehow the world stops every time Tony Romo takes a snap. Football's just that doggone more important when the Cowboys are playing.

Look, give them credit for the fact that the ratings show they are a huge draw. People love to watch them, so the networks love to put them in spots where the most people can watch them. In my NFL weekend preview for The Sporting Blog today, I talked about Bob Costas getting snubbed by Jay Cutler and even I managed to get in a reference to the Cowboys:

It's not like Costas really asks any tough questions anyway. Remember, earlier in the season he asked Tony Romo: "Hey if you're a young, single guy, and the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys - if you're not going to enjoy that, what will you ever enjoy?" Yeah ... I can totally see how Costas would grill the Bears after questions like that in his repertoire.

Are they America's team? I guess they are because you either love them or hate them or love them because everyone else hates them or hate them because so many people love them. One thing's for certain, most people feel something about them. And that probably makes Jerry Jones very happy. We're just adding to his arrogance.

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The part you got right Levy is we are Americas Team. We got the biggest draw and the best stadium. It's not arrogance when you win more than everyone else. It's confidence.

Posted by: dontmessTX | November 20, 2009 12:44 PM

Here's the reality of things...

Redskins fans practically fall over themselves to get worked up about the Cowboys. And in turn the media feeds off of that.

I remember during the ten-game win streak Dallas had over Washington how many Cowboys fans packed FedEx Field. Why?
The rich and ostentatious ones drove or flew in no doubt, including at least one massive RV spotted in the tailgate section, but most were locals who became Dallas fans just to tick off their friends, coworkers, cousins, brothers or fathers. Youngsters all, who were just as sick of hearing every year how the Redskins were, once again, #1 and going to the Superbowl. No better way to get the ol' man's goat in Washington D.C. than to stand and declare for the Cowboys, ya think?

"I'd rather you be _______ than a &*%#@%* Cowboys fan!" Works every time.

A buddy of mine who is a die-hard Redskins fan started some stuff, as usual, and asked me when was the last time the Cowboys won a Superbowl. Three years after the Redskins did. It was too easy.

"Oh yeah, well, when was the last time the Cowboys won a playoff game?" When was the last time the Redskins HOSTED a play-off game? I believe it was at RFK? We're still good buddies but the man - yes, Kevin, I'm callin' you out! - just won't quit until he can beat me at a trash-talkin' contest! Ain't happenin'!

Other Cowboys fans, many others, had simply moved to Washington. Government workers representing the 2nd largest government contingency on capital hill, college students, airline employees, military families, take your pick. And those are the people from Texas. The core fan base also extends from Western Louisiana and Missouri all the way to Arizona (before the Cardinals). Washington DC is loaded with Texans and others who have brought their Cowboys loyalty with the tens of thousands.

By the way, there is a Redskins bar in Plano, the Austin Avenue Grill and Bar, north of Dallas. You'd think it was in the middle of Loudon County the way the place is decked out so there are a few 'Skins fans in Dallas who celebrate and comiserate together every Sunday in Big D.

Few people in Dallas spend as much time spitting bile and hatred at other teams as their fans seem to do about the Cowboys. Stop taking the bait and maybe the media frenzy that it helps create around America's Team will die down.

I doubt it, but good luck. Go Cowboys!

Posted by: francetony | November 20, 2009 12:53 PM

Don't blame Dallas or Texas for Jerry Jones and his arrogance. He's not one of us.

Posted by: West3 | November 20, 2009 3:46 PM

It largely a long-standing media-generated myth that The Cowboys are hated so much more than any other team, that simply is not true for the most part.

(Most "haters" "love" to hate them much more than hate-hating them, and watch them never-the-less over a Green Bay - Titans game.)

Where some distaste comes from is three-fold.

1. people (for good cause) lament on how "rich" the franchise is, and the built-in advantages that creates, unlike lowly hard-working charlie brown teams like The Browns.

2. The wacko eternal bumper sticker "award" of being "America's Team", huh? America's team. Short-term memories forget it was not long ago Texans wanted to succeed from the Union, and some still do.

3. Some people hate the amount of success they have achieved.

Posted by: yarbrougharts | November 20, 2009 5:30 PM

Texans are known for self-aggrandizing. In fact, they are the poster children for chest-thumping bravado and hubris. How can you say Jerry Jones doesn't represent thru pro sports one of the least admired and pathetic qualities in America?

Posted by: BIGHITTER | November 20, 2009 5:33 PM

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