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If the team fits


Of course former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson can succeed with a new team. He can join a contender, act as a short-term workhorse so others can get healthy and help them down the stretch or in a playoff run. That's certainly possible.

The problem with this is that the scene has to be perfect. It has to be an above average offensive line, play calling that centers around him and, of course, wins.

If LJ doesn't get the ball enough, he'll complain. If the team isn't winning, he'll complain. If he's not producing, he'll complain.

There's a trend with Larry Johnson, and those problems follow him seemingly everywhere he goes. Blame it on the coaches, offensive line, play calling, whatever you want. But it's always something.

But, despite all the off-the-field issues that have hampered him from playing in a chunk of games the last two seasons, can he be effective if he gets on the field?

I can sum that up with a nickname he's earned around the Kansas City faithful - "2.7." A play on his yards per carry average and his jersey number. If Johnson had continued the entire season at his current pace through the first seven games, it would statistically be the worst season in NFL history.

He has not been an effective back since 2006 because of injuries and off-the-field issues resulting in suspension and is approaching the age of 30 so there's no reason I can give that would favor Larry Johnson performing at a high level again.

Some team will take a chance on him - and don't be naive, someone will - and he can be effective but, like I said above, the situation has to be perfect or it'll blow up in the head coach's face.

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YOU sir are a reason why so many chiefs fans are bailing ship, THE OLINE is the reason for 2.7.

lets start calling cassel his new nick name after how many sacks hes taken already in 8 weeks of play time. is where all the cry babys go, its also the source of the fans that started the name calling with lj over twitter. IM glad LJ is gone from kc so he can attempt to do something hes only done once in his career.... PLAYOFFS....

Pollard. Gonzo. Allen. Johnson. only one person listed here WANTED to stay in KC while Haley and crew continue on the losing ways in kc. OH HAI LETS RUN A DRAW PLAY WHEN THE OTHER TEAM CAN SEE THATS WHATS COMING.

thats right 2.7 YPC , but its not even close to his faught and thats being reported that the OLINE is terribad by MOST smart REPORTERS/BLOGGERS.

Posted by: LJwillHUNTU | November 11, 2009 12:27 PM

I'm confused. You are claiming that an average of 2.7 yards per carry is the worst performance by a running back in the entire history of the NFL? That sounds like a bit of a stretcher to me. Can you give us a few numbers to back up this preposterous claim?

And, KC fans, have faith. Matt Cassel may not be Tom Brady, but he is a real NFL quarterback. If the o-line can get him enough time to make plays, he'll deliver...

Posted by: jerkhoff | November 11, 2009 1:06 PM

Jerkhoff, you asked for proof? I could dig up numbers but it'd be a lot easier for the both of if you just read this post:

To the child with a crush on LJ: How exactly is the founder and proprietor of the largest Chiefs blog sites (and one of the largest for any pro sports team for that matter) driving fans into "bailing ship?"

Go ahead and blame the OL all you want, no one is going to argue with you that they're pathetically bad. Thing is, Jamaal Charles is averaging 5.2 ypc while LJ is plodding along at a less-than-pedestrian 2.7 ypc.

LJ needs more than just a good OL to succeed, as Joel pointed out in his article. Bad news is, there's not a team in the league where that scenario really plays out perfectly for him. A shockingly large number of teams are "bad" this season and the ones that aren't "bad" are pretty decently set at RB and aren't willing to take on such a high risk, 30 year old RB that has only had more than 900 yards in a season twice in his entire career.

2.7 will probably sign on with another team and play another season or two but it's probably NOT going to be as a starter unless somebody gets desperate (ie: injuries). Regardless, I don't care, I'm just happy that sad excuse for an a man is no longer in a Chiefs uniform.

Posted by: JHWK | November 11, 2009 2:57 PM

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