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He's cleared, let him play


The interesting thing I've seen in the reaction to Westbrook's concussions is that everybody seems to become an amateur doctor. Essentially, whether or not he should play is a medical opinion. How more likely he is to suffer another concussion or how severe the ones he has suffered is a medical opinion. What effect if any the two he has had will have on him in the future is again... a medical question.

All I know for sure is that some of the best neurosurgeons in the country are looking at scans of his brain and treating him. If those guys say he can play again, then I'm fine with him being out there. He's had these two concussions in quick succession and that certainly can't be a good thing... but to my knowledge he's never had one in the past. A guy only gets one shot at an NFL career, so to tell him he should quit now, even if the best neurologists in the nation tell him he's fine, is just wrong. That said, if the doctors don't feel like he should play football, then I trust that as well.

The one major non-medical issue I wonder about is his mentality. There's no room for trepidation or doubt in the NFL. As a running back, when you see a hole... you hit it hard. When you see the end zone you do anything it takes to get in. If a guy is worried about getting hurt or playing with fear, I really don't see how he can be successful. If these concussions have caused Westbrook to have those doubts or lack the confidence it takes to be successful in this league, then maybe it is best that he call it quits.

However, if the doctors say he's ready and he says he ready mentally. I'm all for seeing him play again.

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I'm a mother of a 16year old son who loves football and basketball.

His last season he had suffered his 2nd GRADE 3 CONCUSSION in a 11 month period.

He was being told that if he got one more concussion, he would never be able to play sports again. I started to do major research on concussions and mouth guards when I came across your website. My son was fitted for a Maher mouth guard right before the football season begun. In the first game he was hit very hard and as a mom.I was holding my breath to see if he had to come out of the game. He got right up and continued playing. After the game I asked him about that hit and he said "Mom I can't believe I didn't feel a thing"

Which ,as the season continued, he said it has helped unbelievable! I have parents coming to talk to me when their child gets a concussion to see what I have learned and what steps for protection I have taken. I truly believe that the Maher mouth guard is 100% the reason my son can continue to play sports. Thank you!

Roseann Taylor

Lombard , IL

Posted by: Mahercor061 | December 16, 2009 8:29 PM

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