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Archive: January 10, 2010 - January 16, 2010

Vikings, Cards must win

The real pressure question isn't "How much of a disappointment would a loss be?", it's "Will there really be a next year?"

By Joe Baker | January 15, 2010; 1:50 PM ET | Comments (0)

Divisional Pressure Picks

This weekend's games can't possibly be as lopsided as three of the four last week.

By Michael Wilbon | January 15, 2010; 12:47 PM ET | Comments (0)

Top 4 stressed teams

Chargers, Cowboys, Vikings and Colts among the teams feeling even more pressure during the divisional playoff round.

By Sean Moroney | January 15, 2010; 12:15 PM ET | Comments (1)

Nevermore pressure

Indy might be under the most pressure to win Saturday, but other teams are feeling it, too.

By Dawn Knight | January 15, 2010; 11:46 AM ET | Comments (0)

One-seeds need to bring it

The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are each one loss away from a non-stop off-season referendum on the subjects of resting their starters.

By Doug Farrar | January 15, 2010; 11:43 AM ET | Comments (0)


Minnesota has to win now to justify Favre, Dallas has to win now to lose the "choker" label.

By Dave Goldberg | January 15, 2010; 11:24 AM ET | Comments (0)

Pressure's on Indy

the one franchise that must produce, or else, above all others over the next three weeks has to be the Colts.

By Leonard Shapiro | January 15, 2010; 11:15 AM ET | Comments (0)

Why not the Jets?

If a few bounces went their way, people would see the Jets in a totally different light.

By Sean Moroney | January 13, 2010; 6:28 PM ET | Comments (0)

Rookie ruckus

Okay the answer is really "no" all around. It's never been done.

By Brian Tarcy | January 13, 2010; 2:48 PM ET | Comments (0)

Not this year

It's not the lack of experience that will hurt New York in San Diego on Sunday, rather it's the fact they will be playing a significantly better team,

By Les Carpenter | January 13, 2010; 2:47 PM ET | Comments (0)

Jets have a future

Short-term success is nice. Long-term success if more lucrative.

By Dave Goldberg | January 13, 2010; 2:22 PM ET | Comments (0)

Sanchez the weak link

The Chargers are much better offensively so the Jets young quarterback will be forced to make more plays to keep up.

By Larry Brown | January 13, 2010; 1:47 PM ET | Comments (0)

Strange move

Carroll leaving now makes little sense. He must know something that outsiders don't (is USC about to find itself in big trouble with the NCAA?).

By Michael Oriard | January 11, 2010; 4:07 PM ET | Comments (1)

No Trojan Horse

There should be more questions about whether USC can succeed without him than whether he can succeed in the pros.

By Michael Kun | January 11, 2010; 1:10 PM ET | Comments (0)

Feckless in Seattle

It boggles the mind that any organization with a lick of football sense would pay over $30 million over five years to put him in charge.

By Doug Farrar | January 11, 2010; 10:53 AM ET | Comments (0)

Seattle's not his scene

Carroll good enough, smart enough... but a poor fit for the Seahawks

By Rob Rang | January 11, 2010; 10:40 AM ET | Comments (0)

Carroll Qualified

Given the state of the Seahawks, six wins might do just fine.

By Dave Goldberg | January 11, 2010; 10:35 AM ET | Comments (0)

Don't bet the nest

Pete Carroll has a better chance of succeeding the third time around, if for no other reason than having learned from the pitfalls of his first two NFL stops... but there are no guarantees.

By Gene Wang | January 11, 2010; 10:23 AM ET | Comments (0)

How will Carroll do as the Seahawks' coach?

Will the former USC Trojan coach see as much success in the NFL as he did in the NCAA? Weigh in...

By Reader Poll | January 11, 2010; 12:41 AM ET | Comments (1)

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