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Fire someone else


As soon Jerry Jones's plastic face made an appearance on the Cowboys sideline the cries went out across the land: HE IS GOING TO FIRE WADE PHILLIPS!

When you look at the Dallas Cowboys a lot of people like to concentrate on the negative. Tony Romo did not have his best game (I believe it was because he wears his hat backwards and the football gods punish him for looking like Billy Hoyle from "White Men Can't Jump"). The Cowboys defense which was on fire the last half of the season played like the Arizona defense.

Then there is the curious case of Roy Williams who had this outstanding stat line of: 0 catches, 0 yards, 0 balls thrown to, 0 impact. Since Gilbert Arenas is on his way to jail maybe he can let Roy borrowing the nickname "Agent Zero" until he gets out.

I am a positive person, so I like to think of the glass half-filled with the Cowboys. They shook off the December jinx. They finally won a playoff game. They have young talent all over the field, so in my mind there is no need to panic.

The problem is that Jerry Jones always panics and that is what usually gets the Cowboys in trouble. Wade Phillips does look confused all the time on the sideline and we like to make fun of him (I did call him Mr. Claus yesterday), but the truth is he knows how to coach and he wins. There is no guarantee bringing in a new coach will help the Cowboys, if anything it might be a step backwards.

The Cowboys have made positive strides and I think Wade deserves one more year to see if he can build on that. Something can be said about continuity and not shaking things up too quickly.

If anyone needs to be fired it is the General Manager. Wait... The General Manager is Jerry Jones. I can't say that all of Jerry's decisions have been bad, but he does have a tendency to make at least one or two boneheaded transactions a year (Roy Williams & Shaun Suisham come to mind).

The best thing for Jerry to do is take some "Yoga" classes and show some patience and hiring a GM who knows about football and less about hi-fives with George W. Cowboy fan should exercise some patience as well. You have a good team; don't make it drama filled after finally having a positive non-drama season.

Then again knowing Jerry Jones he might resign T.O. in the offseason just for effect.

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Hi Robert!

Not sure, I can totally agree with your assessment here. Yes, Wade Phillips may not be the issue but there are some fundamental issues with the offense. I am not sure if it is Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett, or position coaches, or just what. Kind of like the Skins....potential but something is in major disconnect mode.

My gut feeling it that Garett's arena football offense is the problem. Up until last week, there was no running attack and in the Vikes game, the offense became too predictable. Romo is not a leader or game changer. There did not appear to be any adjustments at half-time on either side of the ball, etc..... The defense is suspect too.

Time to retool, much as your Skins will have to do under Shanahan. As a 43-year fan of the Cowboys, something is terribly wrong with America's team.

Posted by: phdwarrior | January 18, 2010 2:40 PM

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