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Blame Peyton


Peyton Manning is why people don't get excited about the Indianapolis Colts. Everyone knows Manning has a great personality (we have seen the commercials), but when it comes to being on the football field it is all business.

The Colts are like the girl who is the head of the Math Club. We know she is smart, we know she is going to blossom and go further than the head cheerleader in life, but the cheerleader skirt is so short we can't helped but ignore Math Club girl.

In the immortal words of Michael Jackson the Colts have no: SIZZLE! The fact they are in Indianapolis and have been so good for so long people leaves fans spoiled. I love the TV show "24". Jack Bauer is one of the greatest TV Characters off all time (he is #2 behind Homer Simpson in my book), but Jack has saved the world single-handedly seven times already. When I watch "24" now, I do it because I recognize the greatest that is Jack Bauer, but I already know how this story is going to end.

People recognize the greatness of the Colts and I believe they appreciate it, but they have seen it so often that, even when Manning carves up the number one defense in the league, all we do is shrug like Jamarcus Russell at practice.

It isn't that people "dislike" the Colts, they are just "plain" and in the reality-show-world we live in now, that's just plain boring. The Saints on the other hand are new, fresh underdogs. The play to the "Reality TV" crowd (how many Kardashians will be at the Super Bowl?). They have a compelling story and because they have been so bad for so long, people are interested.
Add in the back drop from Hurricane Katrina you have a team that is easy to love.
The Colts are corporate and the Saints are spring break.
The question begs though when the whistle blows would you rather be in button ups or flip flops?

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I think the last paragraph hit the nail on the head. It is not about Peyton, it is about the Saints who have never won a Super Bowl and who comes from a city that was devastated 5 years ago. Outside of Indy whose heart is not with the Saints? OH, we also love the underdog, and the Saints will definitely be in the underdog in this game.

Posted by: mcgratsp | January 28, 2010 9:56 AM

It is about Peyton: Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Jim MacMahon, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas. Which one doesn't fit?

Posted by: dwatkins1 | January 28, 2010 10:20 AM

I was under the impression that the only people that truly disliked Peyton or the Colts where Belichickians and Steelers.


Posted by: dplhoosier | January 28, 2010 1:58 PM

Oh Robert ... where to begin ...

Your first paragraph says Manning is "why people don't get" the Colts. Then you say Manning has "a great personality" but on the field "it is all business." And you are the CEO of a company? What part of "all business" do you hate, brother?

Then you compare the Colts to a "girl who is the head of the Math Club. Are you kidding me? Do you understand what stereotyping means? Do you get the whole "sexism" concept? Does your "company" have an HR department?

Then you say you "can't helped [sic] but ignore Math Club girl." Nice sentence, Robert. We can't "helped" but ignore people who can't write simple sentences.

What does being in Indianapolis have to do with anything? Huh? Wouldn't they be the same great team in any other city? Or could you be stereotyping again? Hmmm? Then you zip to the TV show "24." What? Awkward paragraph construction aside, I liked where you said you "recognize the greatest [sic} that is Jack Bauer." I think you meant "greatness," but one can never be sure.

Oh, it's JaMarcus Russell, by the way. Capital M in JaMarcus. Just so you know.

Yes, the Saints are underdogs. I like them, too. But if you've watched any football at all this season, you know the Colts ARE NOT boring. Seven come-from-behind wins this season (eight if you count the playoffs). Hardly boring. Of the Saints you say: "The [sic] play to the Reality TV crowd." Do you mean "They" play? I think so.

I'll watch the Super Bowl. You can have the Kardashians. And I'll give you points. I just hope you don't run your "company" with the same lame logic and poor execution with which you blog, Robert. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Posted by: cubfan5151 | January 31, 2010 2:05 PM

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