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Do you hear that? That's the sound of Roger Goodell's pockets and their desire to evidently get fatter. What else explains the NFL's crackdown on a slogan that appears on t-shirts? A slogan that has a dubious history of ownership. According to Wikipedia, the term "Who Dat" has origins dating back to the early 1900s, so it's obvious the term wasn't coined by anyone having anything to do with the NFL.

As for the Saints, again, Wiki tells us they began using it in the early 80s, and there isn't any mention of NFL ownership anywhere -- until, that is, the Saints made the Super Bowl and fans started selling t-shirts and making profits the NFL gets no part of.

Coincidence? Oh, come on now.

Goodell and his minions simply want these shops to sell NFL Licensed materials in order to profit from the popularity of the Saints, nothing more. This isn't a move to preserve or protect the NFL's "image," whatever the hell that means. It's simple cash grab, and it stinks.

Considering the amount of money the NFL is getting ready to make between the Pro Bowl and that other game on February 7th a few people will probably watch, it makes their cease and desist look downright pathetic. Fortunately, the blow-back has been pretty harsh, and because ownership of the "Who Dat" slogan is undetermined at best, there' doesn't seem to be much the NFL can do to stop these proprietors, except try and bully them.

Apparently, the NFL is the only entity allowed to make money off of the enjoyment of the New Orleans Saints -- at least, in the minds of those that run it, anyway -- and that's just sad. What's next? A nationwide-wide shutdown of team-affiliated bars, solely for the purpose of opening NFL-owned team bars?

I hope I didn't give them any ideas...

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