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We're talking about cheating?


*Clears Allen Iverson's Voice*

"What are we talking about here? Cheating? Not the game, not the game I'd die for, we talking about cheating? What are we talking about man? Cheating?"

By the time you read this Tiger Woods will have made his statement and everyone in the media will be like a pack wolves that just spotted a sleeping deer.

But what are we talking about here? Cheating?

I have wanted to be a sports journalist since I was in diapers and instead of writing about NBA trades, NFL draft or something you know "sports related", I am being asked what I think about a grown man cheating on his wife. I'd rather be talking about curling at the Winter Olympics that Tiger Woods's bedside manner.

You know what I think about Tiger? I think he is normal because most 30+ year-old men have cheated on their significant other at one point in their lifetime. People need to stop acting like we are still living in "Leave it to Beaver" times and deal with reality. Actually even Ward had a lot of "late night meetings" so he is suspect too. Doesn't matter if you are a "Dollarnaire" like me or a "Billionaire" like Tiger as long there is a continental breakfast available at the Marriott, men are going to cheat. Of course it is wrong, but it is happening.

I am shocked at how many golfers and media are questioning Tiger's moral fiber. I guarantee if we sent private investigators to spy on all of Tiger's critics, they would find enough skeletons to fill multiple cemeteries. Tiger's only mistake is acting like this was a big deal. By going into hiding like he committed an actual crime he allowed his multiple women and the media to take shots at him with no fear of rebuttal. By not taking questions at his "State of Tiger" address he just gives more fuel to the fire who are praying for his downfall.

I absolutely think Tiger should at some point take questions from the media just to tell them how foolish they are for acting like cheating is some sort of felony offense. If it was the majority of the male and female population would be in jail and the orange jump suit industry would be recession proof.

Tiger's only real apology should be to his wife, and if you are one of those people who are screaming at the top of your lungs: "HE IS A ROLE MODEL," then you have failed as a parent because athletes shouldn't carry the burden of trying to be perfect because parents haven't taken on the responsibility of being the proper role models for their children. Tiger made a personal mistake with emphasis on "personal" and doesn't owe us anything. If I was crafting Tiger Woods's statement it would go just like this.

"My name is Tiger Woods I've mistakes that have embarrassed myself and more importantly my family. For that I am truly sorry, but I don't owe anyone in the public an explanation on my private affairs, so unless you live in a glass house be careful who you throw stones at because you might get your window cracked. See you at the Masters. Peace."

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As I wrote in another WP post, if Tiger were just an athlete and lived off his winnings there would be no need to apologize. But, he is basically a corporate employee or vendor and, hence, must comport with whatever image American Express, Buick, Tag, Nike and Accenture dictate. By selling himself to these corporations, he has also sold off or leased out his personal life. A bargain with the devil if ever there was one. And if you noted: most of the movie extras in his little show on Friday had some financial interest in him (employees, agents, PR guys, sponsors, ad agencies).

A fantasy: I would just once like to see a star athlete forgo all endorsements and sponsorships and just live off of their salary. He (or she) could basically behave as they please as long as they scored the points, won the games.

Posted by: alonzoQuijana | February 20, 2010 1:04 PM

Why do you degrade Tiger? Too many gossips and false stories floated around too long. Please respect his wishes to leave him and his family alone. For media guys, we don't need your lies and leave him alone to deal with his own problems. He had been a "public figure" almost all his life and he needs help to privatize his private life. Elin, he needs you to help with this.

Posted by: beverly72 | February 20, 2010 6:45 PM

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