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Slippery slope


Ben Roethlisberger's behavior off the field has been discussed endlessly in recent weeks and I won't rehash the list of alleged transgressions, both minor and major.

But what concerns me most isn't whether Ben is out of football for four or six games. What concerns me is the NFL's slowly expanding oversight of player behavior (and the clear erosion of influence by the National Football League Players Association). What began as a new commissioner clamping down on several clearly bad actors has evolved into penalizing players who are not being charged by local prosecutors for their offenses.

Ben is not the first player to be suspended despite no criminal charges against him (the first was Pac Man Jones), but I sense he won't be the last.

Where will Goodell draw the line when it comes to player behavior and this 'higher standard' that players are expected to live up to?

Will Goodell add to Cleveland Brown Shaun Rogers' woes by suspending him for trying to carry a loaded gun onto a plane. Washington Redskin Albert Haynesworth has a problem with speeding in expensive cars. Doesn't this represent a threat to the public? Is the NFL going after dead beat dads next? There are more than a few of those on active NFL rosters.

I raise these issues not to mock the Personal Conduct Policy. Credit the NFL for taking a stand on player behavior.

But Roger Goodell should be mindful that in his zeal to create a standard, he doesn't come off looking like Big Brother.

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Just because there are allegations I repeat
ALLEGATIONS of misconduct by Big Ben why is it everyone
is jumping on the side of the woman, Did it ever cross your
minds people that perhaps there may be someone else out
there trying to do Big Ben in ? Perhaps the guy that would
replace him? I'm not saying he did or did not have anything
to do with it. I think the suspension was way to harsh .
It is a lot easier to convince people of a wrong doing when
there is similar actions perpetrated in the past by the party
involved even if the initial event was untrue or not. A wise
person would see this and exploit this knowing there would
be less resistance in getting rid of him. I can see this and
i hope the rest of the fans do as well. Not even to mention
what this is going to do to this mans ability to perform .
This play against Big Ben been perfectly executed. To think
this could not happen at all in this day and age is to be
completely blind. I mean come on why are there no charges
being brought up on him? Can anyone answer that? You
know what bothers me the most about this entire ordeal Tim?
Is the fact that people try to imagine this stuff dosent really
happen to good people ... Well it does and so what if you loose
a fan or two over it. It is very unfortunate but this stuff
happens everyday in fact all these players have some issue
or another . THERE HUMAN Humans make mistakes get use
to it There is no perfect person .. Well except Tom Brady
of course So dumping Big Ben is a perfect example of cutting
off your nose to spite your face. If the Steelers get rid of
Big Ben They will loose myself and the company were
I work as fans all 35 of us If this woman was really raped,
Where are the criminal charges? What amount of money
did this woman soak out of Ben? Also if they Get rid of him I
want my money back on my #7 Big Ben starter Jersey'
Personally I feel hearing that a player may have a problem is not a reason for dismissal in fact it should be a time to try and help the man out. To set an example to the kids today that if you have an issue dont hide your problem in fear that you will be cast out and disposed of but be helped and put on the right path once again. But no lets teach our children that people are expandable if they dont do what they say when they say it how they say it the create a little scenario and poof your gone like Copperfield's marriage

Posted by: BigBenFan | April 22, 2010 1:49 PM

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