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Matt Infante is the founder, editor, and lead blogger of The Phinsider, which is SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog.

Whistle blowing aspirations


Every once in a while, a story breaks and spreads like wildfire that really has no right growing into the huge headline it has become.

That's what has really confused me about this Jeff Ireland/Dez Bryant situation. Why is this such a hot topic? Should it even be a topic at all?

The problem with the media today is that everybody is out to make a name for themselves; to break that big controversial story, share their usually very opinionated thoughts (usually leaning more towards the "popular" public opinion), and then do whatever they can to promote their story...and themselves, of course.

That's exactly what the writer who broke this story (whose name I won't use because I refuse to help him promote himself any more than he already has) for Yahoo! Sports has done here. He broke the story, called the Dolphins' general manager an "A-list a-hole" and is now making the rounds all over radio and television doing interview after interview. Yup, it seems like his plan worked.

Of course, you can't seem to find anybody questioning the writer for calling a man he knows nothing about outside of one or two incidents an "a-hole" on the front page of Yahoo! Sports. And it's impossible to find any member of the media talk or write about all of the charitable functions that Ireland, his family, and the Miami Dolphins are part of.

Everybody will talk about how the writer who broke the story is trying to blow the whistle on these kinds of inappropriate questions that get asked to prospects entering the NFL Draft every year. But let's be real for a moment. Do you really think this writer cares about Dez Bryant and the rest of the college kids who are hoping to become NFL players? Or was he just trying to exploit this story to become a more well-known journalist?

Was Jeff Ireland out of line with his question to Bryant? Probably. I doubt the question was asked with any malice and I do think it would be important to know just how the question was asked. But I won't argue that the question was inappropriate. I also agree with those who say that the pre-draft NFL evaluation process might go a little too far. Perhaps these types of very personal questions should be off limits.

But is Jeff Ireland asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute any worse than a national writer calling a man who he has no personal relationship or history of interactions with an "a-hole" in a nationally published article on a major website?

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I have a question for you? How many times have you been on an interview and the person asked you "IS YOUR MOM A PROSTITUTE?" What fact do you have that the question wasn't asked in malice? You don't have any facts just your opinion. Don't try to make this out to be about the person who broke the story and is receiving attention for it. You reasoning is a sad way for you to get attention.... HOW'S THAT WORKING OUT?

Posted by: Run-4st-Run | April 30, 2010 1:26 PM

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