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Let them ask


While I understand the lack of decorum of some of these questions, it's fair to say that in truth if we're going to be outraged by the interviews we should be outraged by the glorified meat-market that is the NFL combine in its totality.

At the end of the day, NFL football is big business, and there's a lot of money changing hands. Not just from the teams to the players, mind you; it goes without saying that teams are going to do as much due diligence as they feel is necessary before handing out $30 million in guaranteed money.

But, it's more than that. Coaches and GMs have shorter-than-ever leashes in today's NFL where parity rules and two consecutive losing seasons means the unemployment line (except in Cleveland or Detroit, where it means you're still "rebuilding", though that term implies you were good once upon a time... I digress).

So, if a coach or a GM is going to hitch his employment future to a suite of players, it doesn't surprise me in the least that one might want to know if there are character issues that might resurface at some point AFTER you give a guy a multi-million dollar dear and/or try to build a team around him.

I'm not saying it's right; I'm saying I understand (hat tip to Chris Rock). Honestly, I wish Phil Savage back in 2005 had asked Braylon Edwards if he felt that dropping almost every meaningful crunch-time pass in his college career was a bad omen for his pro career, but that horse has been out of the barn for quite some time already, and again I digress.

I would only say this: if you're a GM who has the stones to ask such a question, you should be prepared for any -- and I mean ANY -- answer. For instance, the plethora of jokes (that can't be printed here) that would leap to mind for me if someone asked me in a job interview if my mom was a prostitute... let's just say it boggles my own mind in what is probably a sad commentary on my own mental faculties. Lord knows Myron Rolle is probably smart enough (far smarter than I, for example) to take the low road in response to being asked about deserting his team in such a manner as to not appear that he's doing so.

And, let's be honest: if you'd be offended at being asked such a question, chances are good you wouldn't be concerned about burning that potential bridge, as I'd assume you wouldn't want to be drafted by that organization anyway.

So, I say: let them ask. And I also say: let the players be allowed to answer with as much raw and unbridled spur-of-the-moment honesty and clarity as possible. Open that street up both ways.

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