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He's just not very bright


I watched every episode of "The Michael Vick Project" because I wanted to see if Vick had really changed. It is hard to make those determinations from a "reality show" because they wanted to show Vick in the best possible light. With that being said, I came away with two conclusions:

1. Mike Vick is not a bad guy, thug, or any of those negative terms that are thrown around too loosely in our society.

2. Mike Vick is not too bright.

The second conclusion is what I believe has caused the majority of his problems both on and off the field. It is his bad judgment more than anything else that has cost him his career, millions of dollars, and his reputation.

I have put on my detective hat and pieced together what happened at Vick's birthday party where his co-defendant Quanis Phillips was shot.

The first problem was that the party was made public. You could RSVP via Facebook, for goodness sake. The way it was being promoted basically invited trouble. When you are on as thin of an ice sheet as Michael Vick happens to be, everything should be a private, low key event with a very selective guest list.

You can't be like Diddy and just have everyone come through. Once again, this speaks to Vick not paying attention to what the people around him are doing.

As far as Quanis Phillips -- he wasn't invited, but he didn't need to be. Most people couldn't pick Phillips out of a line up (pun intended) and since the party was basically a free-for-all, it isn't surprising that he was able to make his way in. This is the part that is a little shady. Phillips caused some sort of commotion, with who is unknown. It could have been Vick or it could have been an associate of Vick, but he started some sort of ruckus.

This once again speaks to Vick's judgment. As soon as he found out Phillips was at the party, he should have done one of two things:

Leave immediately, contact his probation officer and the NFL letting them know the situation ... or have security escort Mr. Phillips out and once again let his P.O. and the NFL know what happened.

The police have no interest in Vick. He wasn't around when the shooting took place, but the Feds and the NFL are going to want to know what happened. If they find out Vick was lying about anything, the last thing he will have to worry about is throwing a football again; his major concern will be staying a free man.

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lesson #1: nothing good ever happens at 2am.

Posted by: KenFromCalifornia | June 29, 2010 12:42 PM

Not a bad guy? He tortured and murdered innocent animals. He was not sorry for what he did either, only sorry that he was caught. And don't start about pit bulls-they can be trained to be as sweet and gentle as any other dog. Do you know what Vick and his homies did to those animals to make them fighters?Of course you know what he did to them when they lost. Anyone who participates in dog-fighting is a despicable human being.
Vick deserves to be strangled and electrocuted

Posted by: jtoddweinberg | June 29, 2010 3:23 PM

"Controversial birthday party"? What the hell is a controversial birthday party?
I doubt vick is that much of a forgiving man that he would invite a co-defendant that snitched on him to a party.

Where were the police “helpers” CNN and HLN during the beginning of the “Ben Roethlisberger” case? MISSING!!!! They didn’t even have their private investigators talk to the girls. AND THOSE GIRLS HAD SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT BEN AND THE POLICE!!! Do you see how the “White Media Corp.” tries to get Michael Vick charged but they say nothing about Ben Roethlisberger until the police drop the case against him. THE POLICE ERASED A TAPE AND THE MEDIA SAYS NOTHING!! THE POLICE HELPED WITH THE RAPE AND THE MEDIA SAYS NOTHING!! Where were Nancy Grace and Jane Velez and the war against women????? The case gets dropped and the details hit the internet. HOW DID THE MEDIA MISS THE SCOOP AND NOT EVEN INTERVIEW THE GIRL. They gave him time to pay her off!!!! Then the media half assed reported the story. DID YOU NOTICE THAT THE ONLY COP THAT GOT FIRED AND PICTURE WAS SHOWN DIDN’T EVEN GET FINGERED AS HELPING RAPE THE GIRL. The rapist cops still have their jobs. BUT THE MEDIA SAYS NOTHING!!!! The District Attorney couldn’t force the media to take the multiply witness testimonies. BUT THEY GET THERE FAST WHEN THE DUDE IS BLACK!!!! THE VINCE YOUNG VIDOETAPE DIDN’T GET ERASED!!

Posted by: gokusc1 | June 29, 2010 8:49 PM

Well actually, the police DO have an interest in Vick now. Ruh Roh Shaggy.

Posted by: reign99 | July 1, 2010 10:50 AM

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